Date: Friday, 01 May 2015
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Hi guys,

With travel expenses always on the horizon we are holding another Junior Division fundraising opportunity for anyone keen to raise some slush funds.

Orders are to be received by me or Melissa at Cycling Southland by Thursday evening 14 May, at the very latest. Email:   or  (Att Melissa)

We are sourcing these products from Bidvest, and putting a small margin on them, which we will put against your name/family name for future travelling costs. If you want to know how much we are going to make from the products, just ask me. Got it all here.

Download the form here

What you sell, you keep the profit, but we need all money to be paid either - by cash or cheque when ordering, on pickup/drop-off or alternatively paid by internet banking that same night.  We need to be able to pay Bidvest the next day (Friday). 

I will get Bidvest to drop the products to us on Thursday 21 May approx. 4.45 – 5pm (collection will be in the tunnel at the Velodrome) and by the time we check the order from Bidvest, collate orders for our customers, we will get people to pick up from 6 – 7pm , as long as you communicate and remind your customers the day before –  most people are happy to pick the order up (alternatively you can drop your orders off in person).  Bear in mind, most of these products are frozen, so the sooner you can get orders to the people the better .

You are in charge of getting orders to your customers and ensuring the money comes in. 

Any questions – fee free to fire them at me: 

Phone any of the following: 022 100 1211, 021 0826 7847 or 215 9251

Thanks for your support for another successful fundraiser!
Fundraising co-ordinator Julie Knipe


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