Date: Monday, 07 April 2014
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Club Champs done!
While the weather wasn't the greatest for Time Trial on Saturday, it was perfect cool conditions on Sunday for the road race.

A huge thank you to all who have assisted over the weekend, your help was much appreciated. Congratulations to all of the winners and those who fought on regardless - a good test of mental toughness.

Individual Time Trial                            

U13 Boys - 1st Hunter Gough 25:24

U15 Girls - 1st Emily Paterson 30:54, 2nd Madeleine Gough 31:14

U15 Boys - 1st Hamish Keast 23:54, 2nd Corbin Strong 27:01, 3rd Bradley Jenner 31:02, 4th Turk Turnbull 32:21 

U17 Girls - 1st Kendall Kilpatrick 27:27, 2nd Emma Cunning 28:40

U17 Boys - 1st Tom Sexton 23:26, 2nd Samuel Miller 23:43, 3rd Jack Pedler 24:20, 4th Matt Nunn, 5th Hayden Strong, 6th Hamish Beadle, 7th Mitchell Morris

U19 Girls - 1st Kate Wilson 32:06

U19 Boys - 1st Nicholas Kergozou 32:53, 2nd Anton O’Connell 34:04, 3rd Josh van den Arend 35:15

Masters Women - 1st Erin Criglington 40:43, 2nd Nicola Stevens 43:06, 3rd Shirlene Rollo 43:46, 4th Kerry Cox, 5th Marie Muhl

Masters Women 6 - 1st Mary Marshall 32:57

Masters Men 35-44yrs - 1st Andrew Lienert 35:25, 2nd Derek Tan 35:43, 3rd Stephen Keast 35:48, 4th Vaughan Edie, 5th Rikki Griffin, 6th Jamie Cunningham

Masters Men 45+ yrs - 1st Aaron Sinclair 37:25, 2nd Mark Day 37:27, 3rd Neil Familton 37:43, 4th Andrew Holden, 5th Sier Vermunt, 6th Alan Strong

Masters Men 6 - 1st John Alabaster 21:19, 2nd Ray Robinson 23:20, 3rd Peter Grandiek 38:12

Elite Men - 1st Cam Karwowski 50:21, 2nd Mat Zenovich 50:38, 3rd Luke Macpherson 55:05

Road Race Results                                                                      

U13 Boys: 1st Hunter Gough, 2nd Josh Miller

U15 Boys: 1st Hamish Keast, 2nd Corbin Strong

U15 Girls: 1st Madeleine Gough, 2nd Emily Paterson

U17 Boys: 1st Hayden Strong, 2nd Tom Sexton, 3rd Sam Miller, 4th Jack Pedler, 5th Matt Nunn

U17 Girls: 1st Emma Cumming, 2nd Kendall Kilpatrick

U19 Boys: 1st Nick Kergozou, 2nd Anton O’Connell, 3rd Josh van den Arend

U19 Girls: 1st Laura Heywood, 2nd Kate Wilson

Masters Men 35yr-44yr: 1st Brendan Akeroyd, 2nd Rikki Griffin, 3rd Vaughan Edie, 4th Derek Tan, 5th Alistair Burnett, 6th Andrew Lienert

Masters Men 45yr+: 1st Garry Smith, 2nd John Alabaster, 3rd Steve Brough, 4th Neil Familton, 5th Aaron Sinclair, 6th Andrew Holden, 7th Wayne Miller, 8th Bruce Jones 

Masters Women: 1st Erin Criglington, 2nd Shirlene Rollo, 3rd Nicola Stevens, 4th Kerry Cox, 5th Mary Marshall 

Open/Elite Men: 1st Cameron Karwowski, 2nd Josh Haggerty, 3rd Mat Zenovich, 4th Luke Macpherson, 5th Jamie Wilson

Open/Elite Women: 1st Danielle Parry

Race report courtesy super duper Waine Harding!

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