Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Cam Karwowski writes from the US

I have been in Kutztown a couple of days now. I'm all settled in and I'm enjoying the experience.

It's hot, humid and perfect weather for riding, I have made a promise to myself to never say it's too hot after riding in the snow, sleet and wind of our Queenstown ride.

The roads here are unbelievable. Smooth hot mix following undulating forests, creeks and fields. You could be based here for 3 months and ride a new road every day, it is a web of intertwining awesome and interesting roads. Yesterday I rode 3 hours, and climbed 1200 vertical metres, also an 11km climb!
Here is one of the roads we ride in our Crystal Cave loop, Ross and Patrick Bevin on the front


Our apartment block in the middle of town is an ideal setup with 4 or 5 apartments with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, tv, bathroom and beds in each. I am rooming with my coach Ross and Chad Adair. The apartments are on the main street of Kutztown 3/4's of the way up a small hill in the town. Just down the road are a variety of shops with Cafes, Hairdresses, Restaurants, Supermarket, Laundromats etc.

A view from the front of the apartments looking down into the main street.


I had my first night on the track on the Tuesday, which is more of a practice night for the riders.

The track is an outdoor 333m smooth concrete velodrome with two big grandstands, which apparently gets pretty packed, with close to 2,000 people on Fridays. On Tuesday there was a thunderstorm about 1 hour before the start of racing, and due to the heat it had all dried up in time for racing.


That night I rode a 20 lap points race, Super sprint elimination (last rider each time round is eliminated down to 10, after which is a 5 lap scratch race), 5 lap scratch race and finally a 10km scratch race. I rode most of the night working with Paddy Bevin trying to help each other out into the placings. I managed to come 2nd in the 5 lap scratch race and 5th in the 10km scratch. 


Tonight will be a big night of racing with 2 Madison's which I will ride with Chad Adair. One is a 40 lap, and the final is a 100lap (33.3km). Another Kiwi pairing of Myron Simpson and Paddy will be also racing. Looking forward to a good night, will let you know how it goes.


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