Date: Saturday, 21 May 2011
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Catlins 76km Handicap Race

It was the last opportunity to race this week before the winter rest period. We were hoping to get a good turnout, weather conditions were perfect no wind and warm temperatures.

Only 43 riders made it out to Naigara Café for the start, maybe the thought of having to ride over all those hills frightened a few. Who knows why?

For the riders who were there it was a great ride. Six groups started over a 33min period. First hill 5km on sorted out a few and it didn’t let up!  At the turn around most of the limit riders were still out front, Max Anderson and Sam Kopae leading by a couple of minutes. Scratch made up half the time deficit Marcel Baird first through and looked like catching the front. 2nd break had also ridden well, they were mostly intact where other bunches had broken up after 40km. Ray Robinson was strong throughout the race as was Shane Fletcher and Andrew Lienert.

Catlins Hill 2011

At the finish there were small but determined pockets of riders fighting out the sprints.

It was the day for masters! Shane fletcher caught Max Anderson 3km to go and rode away for the win. Max hung on to be second 24 sec back.

It was a good race to see unfold with a number of the favoured riders paying the price for pushing too hard early on and blowing up!

Thanks Laura and Jimmy from Niagara Falls Café your hospitality was wonderful.


1st Shane Fletcher                             6th Allan Milne

 2nd Max Anderson                            7th Jamie Cunningham

3rd Ray Robinson                              8th Sam Kopae

4th Andrew Lienert                            9th Brian Stout

5th Geoff Van Dam                            10th Neil Familton

Fastest time: Marcel Baird 1:46:24

A huge thank you goes out to all who have helped out during this round of racing!

Your support has been much appreciated, without it the racing would not have happened.

See you all at the next Senior Meeting on June 7th

Keep up the training and check the website for bunch rides.


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