Date: Monday, 11 July 2011
Posted by: Cycling Southland

11/07/2011 - Cycling Southland’s Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit is approaching fast. 2010 rookie Diane Lindsay offers a newcomer’s perspective on the event.

Well that time has come around again the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit, I undertook this daunting sport a year ago (one tick on my personal bucket list).

Our very first training session was very daunting and blooming scary as we thought about the height of the cycling track, but nothing prepared us for arriving at the ILT Velodrome and seeing the track. Oh it was so damned high. But wait, at the end of the session all of us were riding to the top of the track.

Off we went into our weekly routine of training sessions and our own personal training as well, (my legs have never looked so good). We learnt so much and really understood the word ‘pursuit’ - we really did get close to each others wheels and we looked great. That is what the coach wanted - nice and neat and he got it.

Time trial night came and as you would imagine our nerves were rather fraught, as we were all under the spot light with our co-workers and family members all present in support of us all. We had followed the instructions to the book, even eating the correct pasta!

We lined up and had our last minute advice from the coach, wow when we had finished we were all so elated, our family and co-workers were all so impressed, and so they should have been. What a great feeling – Friday night drinks comes second to that feel good feeling.

Then a week later came race day and what a festival - competitive atmosphere, and run so professionally with warm-up bikes, designated team areas and, if required, a physiotherapist.

Our team was first up and had a great race. I completed my second leg of the pursuit feeling very good with myself, went up high and promptly feel down from the top taking out another rider with me. After being picked up and looked after by officials and team members, off I went and introduced myself to the physio.

Our team had another race, which I did not race due to feeling quite sore in the shoulder. Having the opportunity to stand down and yell at the team from the side line made me very proud.

Our final race of the day, and what the hell, I had nothing to lose so I asked if I could ride again. That race we all flew and we did a new personal best time. 

Coming to work the following day I asked a doctor’s opinion on my sore shoulder and the diagnosis? One broken shoulder. We do breed them tough down south. Go Waihopia Health Services!


The Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit Grading Time Trial is on July 24th with the Finals on July 31st. Entry is only $2 for adults and children free. Get along to the ILT Velodrome to see business at speed.

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