Date: Monday, 13 August 2018

Amazing weather conditions saw for a good turnout for the 70km Dipton handicaped race which also showcased some impressive rides.

With five groups on the road, the two limit riders Kate Wilson and Emily Paterson had a 23 minute advantage over the rest of the field.

The two had a big task ahead with a headwind for the first 35km which seemed to forever get stronger.

The following markers had good sized groups of five to nine riders making it firm but fast, which is ideal for this style of race.

Break had the most riders with nine, the group made good progress into the headwind, they hoped to get to the tail wind at Mossburn turn before the work scratch riders caught which almost worked.

The scratch group of five rode strong into the headwind closing the three minute gap on break and catching break just before Mossburn making a 12-man strong group, which smoothly cut quickly into the rest of the field's advantage.

The second break of six riders, which started 16 minutes after the two limit riders, had made good progress working well together but the large chasing group of the now combined scratch and break reeled them in only kilometres before the main climb of the race making a now even larger group.

The five mid-mark riders held off the now mini peloton until the first of the climbs roughly 50km into the race, which saw them caught and now joined in the peloton which is now in sight of the limit and second limit riders as they started to tackle the major climb of the day.

Second limit and limit had a good day and made good progress with the groups seeing glimpses of charging down the hill to victory unfortunately it wasn’t so as the scratch, break, second break and mid markers had joined behind creating a scary sight for the two groups, the odds weren’t in their favour and saw Brendan Akeroyd, Kate Wilson and Emily Paterson caught only meters from the top of the last climb of the day.

Scratch rider Joshua Haggerty decided the hill was his launch pad for success and split the now full-sized peloton to pieces with a strong attack taking only two others over the top of the climb, (Zeno & Navarh). The group was joined by three more chasers (Hamish Keast, Blake Tait-Jones and Mitchel Fitzimons) after flying down the hill at over 90kmhr!!! Haggerty tried for a solo move but was caught with only 2km to go but had obviously saved just enough for a sprint as he overtook the rest of the group in the closing meters of the race to take out the win and fastest time.

1st Joshua H
2nd Hamish K
3rd Navarh B
Fastest time: Joshua H.               
Fastest Female: Emily Patterson

The D and E Grade riders enjoyed the same sun today only starting from Mossburn using the better half of the day's loop.

13 riders took on the 35km Handicap race with rolling terrain.

The solo E grade rider Jack McLeod did some big boy miles and rode very impressively TT style! Jack pulled into the finish with a blistering time of 1:12:37!

D Grade saw two limit riders speed off with a five minute advantage over the next group, the mid markers made good time starting 10 minutes after limit but Scratch was coming fast! Cody Harvey had an impressively fast ride speed wise and leg speed wise. 55km hr on junior gearing! Cody seemed to be the fastest of the day pulling through almost everyone and sprinting in with not only fastest time but also a very respectable 2nd place.

Jaz McLeod had good form today riding away from her break group and holding off the speedy Cody to take out an impressive win.
Special thanks to Tracy Miller, Lindsay Jones, the Robinsons, Melssa Aitken and Wayne Murchland for helping out.

Report courtesy of race manager Mat Zenovich

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