Date: Monday, 20 May 2013
Posted by: Cycling Southland


During the months of March and April, the Cycling Southland executive have been involved with the initiation of our strategic planning process. This planning will set our direction over the coming years. This process will take some time and will include consultation and input from our membership. There have been meetings with different interest groups within the centre including Seniors, Juniors, Life Members, strategic partners and staff. We have circulated a survey and are collating that response. Your ideas are important to us. These should be directed to our CEO through the office email.

We have progressed a remit to our National Organisation about a nationwide traffic management code of practice appropriate to cycling event needs. This should facilitate the running of our club road events, be less onerous but maintain an appropriate level of safety for our riders and other road users.

We continue to provide endorsement and financial support to our elite rider members in their endeavours. There have been some initial discussions with a steering group including Sport Southland, Southland Sports Academy and ourselves to investigate the possibility of a High Performance Development Unit for our cyclists. We recognise there is a watershed between U19s and our senior open riders. This may help close that gap and give a pathway that is appropriate to their needs. 

In our financially constrained environment we have put a lot of effort into securing grants and sponsorship for our organisation around specific events. The latest success was the announcement of WHK as the naming rights sponsor for our Corporate Pursuit.

We are working to have a complete asset management policy and schedule of assets. This will see us rationalising our asset purchases, maintenance, storage and replacement.

We are working to secure formal contracts with our national organisation around events. This has not been an easy task in the past but the executive are insistent that this be progressed as a priority to minimise our exposure and risk in the future.

We continue to look for ways to provide surety and value to our members.

Sier Vermunt

On behalf of your Executive


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