Date: Saturday, 07 March 2020

The Masters riders were in record-breaking form on day two of the Vantage Age Group Track National Championships in Invercargill.

Local veteran Neil Familton along with Auckland’s Penny Pawson and Waikato’s Julie Graddon all broke national records at the SIT Zero Fees Velodrome.

Familton took out the gold medal in the men’s individual pursuit for Masters 6 (60-64 years) category, clocking 2:27.610 for the 2000m which was one second inside his own record set last year. It came about by a new training approach.

“The plan was to do things different than before. I rode a gear that was 4inches bigger than I have ridden. I was pleased with the training and it went perfectly to plan. We put together a plan that would see us break the record,” said Familton.

Pawson and Graddon, no newcomers to success on the international stage, both set new records in winning their respective titles in the 500m time trial.

Graddon won the Masters 5 (55-59 years) final in 40.197s, which was just 0.1s inside her own national record, while Pawson won the Masters 4 (50-54 years) title in 40.307, taking a second off the old mark set in 2017.

In the age group racing, Waikato Bay of Plenty’s Jaxson Russell took out the under-17 sprint finals in two straight rides over Jack Overweel (WCNI), while Joel Douglas from Auckland held off the challenges in a fierce finish to win the U17 scratch race.

“There were a few attacks but nothing that stuck so was pretty controllable,” said Douglas. “I didn’t want to get to the front too early. I hit the front with two laps to go and wanted to keep the pace high and in the last lap I started the sprint. 

“I saw some riders coming and I put in another dig to hold them off. I was focussing on the IP which didn’t quite go to plan but this was a good win which was more unexpected.”

Meanwhile it was an enjoyable day for the Gray family from Waikato, with mother Erin runner up in the Masters 3 (45-49 years) 500m time trial and daughters Seana and Caoillin won a gold and bronze medals respectively in the U17 and U15 scratch race.

Competition continues until Sunday.


Under-17 500m time trial: Amelia Sykes (Canterbury) 36.511, 1; Seana Gray (Waikato BOP) 37.921, 2; Ruby Spring (Auckland) 38.182, 3. Masters 5: Julie Graddon (WaiBOP) 40.197, 1 (NZ Record); Linda Dunne (Auckland) 44.824, 2l Dianne Johnson (WaiBOP) 47.573, 3. Masters 4: Penny Pawson (Auckland) 40.307, 1 (NZ Record); Sonya Barton (Southland) 43.279, 2; Fiona Southorn (Northland) 43.746, 3. Masters 3: Erin Criglington (Southland) 39.692, 1; Erin Gray (WaiBOP) 41.363, 2; Nicola Stevens (Southland) 41.705, 3. Masters 2: Ruth Whelan (Southland) 38.838, 1; Leanne Dalley (Southland) 40.165, 2; Renita Vanderhelm (Wellington) 40.213, 3. 

Keirin: Masters 2-3: Penny Pawson 1, Erin Criglington 2, Rachael Sardelich (WaiBOP) 3. Masters 1: Ruth Whelan (Southland) 1, Leanne Dalley (Southland) 2, Renita Vanderhelm (Wellington) 3.  

Scratch: Seana Gray (WaiBOP) 1, Amelia Sykes (Canterbury) 2, Ruby Spring (Auckland) 3.

Under-15 scratch: Caitlin Kelly (Southland) 1, Mackenzie Barnett (WaiBOP) 2, Caoilinn Gray (WaiBOP) 3. 


Under 17 Sprint qualifying: Jaxson Russell (WBOP) 11.510, 1; Jared Mann (WBOP) 11.594, 2; Jack Overweel (WCNI) 11.632, 3. Semifinals: Russell bt Ronan Shearing (Southland) 2-0; Overweel be Mann 2-0. Final: Russell be Overweel 2-0. 3rd-4th: Shearing bt Mann 2-0. 

Masters 8 Individual Pursuit: Graeme Litt (Canterbury) 2:34.550, 1; Colin Claxton (Auckland) 2:35.489, 2; David Stott (Otago) 2:55.864, 3. Masters 7: Dave Wright (WNOP) 2:42.079, 1; Dean Longhurst (Canterbury) 2:45.083, 2; Owen Henwood (Canterbury) 3:06.930, 3. Masters 6: Neil Familton (Southland) 2:27.610, 1 (NZ Record); Richard Justice (Auckland) 2:36.586, 2. Masters 5: Peter Ashworth (Auckland) 2:28.976, 1; Stephen Woods (Canterbury) 2:33.302, 2; Peter O’Brien (Canterbury) 2:40.796 Masters 4: Manu Robson (WBOP) 2:24.099, 1; Mark Hopkinson (Auckland) 2:28.696, 2; Steve Fish (MSC) 2:29.874, 3. Masters 3: Gary Mikkelsen (WBOP) 3:32.621, 1; Mike Davis (WBOP) ovr, 2; Bryce Shapley (WBOP) 3:38.570, 3. Masters 2: Craig Domigan (MSC) 3:34.882, 1; Andy Hilton (MSC) 3:35.823, 2;  James Jubb (Southland) 3:36.100, 3. Masters 1: Joe Bebbington (Canterbury) 3:38.513, 1; Scott Donnelly (Canterbury) 3:39.893, 2. 

Under-15 Scratch: Nate Boness (Auckland) 1, Frankie Wright (WaiBOP) 2, Jack Whittal (WaiBOP) 3.

Under 17 Scratch: Joel Douglas (Auckland) 1, Jaxson Russell (WaiBOP) 2, Hamish Banks (WaiBOP) 3.

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