Date: Friday, 10 September 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Friday Night “U CAN’T CATCH ME” Racing Results

Race 1   A Grade Scratch Matt Archibald, Dillon Bennett, Michael White
Race 2   B Grade Scratch Gerald Paterson, Tom Dawkins, Tim Maynard
Race 3   C Grade Scratch Gareth Oliver, John Kissell, Dave Simpson 
Race 4  Women’s Scratch Erin Criglington, Sally Dymond, Kate Dunlevey
Race 5   A Grade Elimination Race Dillon Bennett, Trev Stock 
Race 6   B Grade Elimination Race Tom Dawkins, Gerald Paterson
Race 7   C /Women’s Elimination Race Erin Criglington, Sally Dymond 

Short Intermission

Race 9   Race 1 Handicap Race-consolation- Adam Stockwell, Marcel Baird, Matt Zenovich
Race 10 Race 2 Handicap Race-Final – Erin Criglington, Sally Dymond, Kate Dunlevey
Race 11 C Grade Motorpace Scratch Race Gerald Paterson, Gareth Oliver, Dave Simpson
Race 12 Women’s Motorpace Scratch Race Sally Dymond, Kate Dunlevey, Erin Criglington
Race 13 A/B Grade Motorpace Scratch Race Dillon Bennett.Michael White,Brehan Cairns
Time for Race 13 was 9.27 which is the record to date, previously held by Trev Stock from last weeks racing 9.36

Spot prize – Gingerbread Man – Marcel Baird
Best riders – Erin Criglington, Sally Dymond
Novice rider – Georgia Timpany


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