Date: Friday, 23 September 2011
Posted by: Cycling Southland

A great night of racing had by all!! The heat's coming on in the A Grade especially as the track season gets well and truely underway. 

Great to see some of the Corproate Pursuit Race Coach participants hooking into it......Brett Roulston taking out the B Grade 750m Derby.  Yep, he is tagged for Sprint Squad!

Huge thanks to Glen Thomson for running the racing and Stu MacDonald and Steph McKenzie for helping out.

C Grade and Women’s 8 Lap Mystery Preme:
1. Kylea Gough
2. Jen Muhl
3. Kevin Edgar

Mystery Preme:  Kate Dunlevey

B Grade 8 Lap Mystery Preme
1. Grant Toomey
2. Chris O’Connor
3. Craig Sadlier

Mystery Preme:  Neil Jamieson

A Grade 8 Lap Mystery Preme:
1. Matt Archibald
2. Regan Sheath
3. Matt Zenovich

Mystery Preme:  Matt Zenovich

750m Derby – Women’s
1. Kate Dunlevey
2. Jen Muhl
3. Marie Muhl

750m Derby – C Grade
1. Tony Shaw
2. Kevin Edgar
3. Owen Duffy

750m Derby B Grade
1. Brett Roulston
2. Grant Toomey
3. Craig Sadlier

750m Derby  A Grade
1. Eddie Dawkins
2. Matt Archibald
3. Regan Sheath

Women’s Elimination
1. Jen Muhl
2. Kylea Gough
3. Kate Dunlevey

B & C Grade Elimination
1. Grant Toomey
2. Ant Leathart
3. Neil Jamieson

A Grade Elimination
1. Matt Zenovich
2. Karl Watson
3. Eddie Dawkins

Women’s and C Grade Motor-paced 20 Lap Scratch Race
1. Kate Dunlevey
2. Jen Muhl
3. Kylie Gough

A & B Motor-paced 32 Lap Scratch Race
1. Regan Sheath
2. Matt Zenovich
3. Brad Tuhi

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