Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Several fundraising opportunities for Cycling Southland have presented themselves in the past couple of weeks but we need support from our members and supporters. Have a read over what’s available and see if there’s something you can help with and then contact the office if you’re able to help – or get in touch to secure your spot in the quiz next month.

Fundraising opportunity
Cycling Southland has a chance to organise a luncheon/breakfast with a guest speaker for the middle of next month. We’re looking for someone/s to help organise this – we have staff away on holiday this month because it’s a quiet time of year and don’t have the resources to organise it from the office.

Is there someone out there who has the time and would be willing to volunteer to assist in organising this? This has the potential to be a great fundraiser for the organisation.

Road racing sponsorship opportunities
The road racing committee has done a fantastic job in exploring options on how to address issues highlighted over the past six months.

Among their suggestions include:

  • a graduated season, in terms of race lengths, in the build up to Southland Road Champs (Sept 23-24) and Yunca Tour (Oct 6-8), with a mix of types of racing - including mass starts designed to encourage rec riders to the event.
  • A new registration system – Teamer – has been rolled out to make it easier to indicate attendance so keep an eye out on that in your inbox. It’s not a scam, honest, but should make registering for a race just a couple of clicks.
  • A booklet that will be available for road members outlining the races for the coming season. This will be supplied to local bike shops, and posters promoting those races will also be produced.

As a result, there is an opportunity to seek race sponsorship for the winter/spring race programme. For $250 + GST (tagged for prize money), businesses/club members can sponsor a race, be recognised in the programme and poster, on Facebook, and at the event.

Some races have already secured a sponsor so if you would like to be involved in sponsoring a race, please get in touch with Mark in the office. We can supply an invoice for a business or accept a donation from a rider.

Quiz night
Also being organised is a mid-winter quiz at the Glengarry Tavern on June 22 – no cycling knowledge required!

Teams of four – $20 per team, with raffles on the night.

Spaces are limited – and we already have entries - so to book your table contact the office. What we’d love to see is club members bringing along mates, colleagues or family members – not just linking up with other cyclists. If each rider brought a team of non-cyclists, then we’ll fill the slots in no time.

In the next couple of months, we’ll be releasing our mid-winter raffle that we’ll be asking members to get in behind and help sell. We’ve had some great prizes donated – more will be accepted! – and there will be prizes for those who sell the most. More details to come as they are nutted out but keep an eye out for them.

Fundraising garage sale
Many of you will have cleaned up around the house and section ahead of winter. Before you chuck anything out, can we ask that you consider keeping aside anything that may be suitable for the Cycling Southland fundraising GARAGE SALE in July.  Remember the old idiom “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

This is a major fundraising venture for Cycling Southland so if you have anything at all, no matter how big or small, please put it aside and we will see if we can gain a profit off it.  We do have some room to store some “goods” so please contact Bruce at Cycling Southland if you have anything you would like stored rather than dump it.

Please pass this message on to your family and friends.

Thanks in advance!

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