Date: Saturday, 20 August 2011
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Gorge Road Race A Grade Finish Aug 20 2011

20/08/2011 - This week’s Saturday Road Race saw an outstanding turnout with 90 riders (including the Junior Div) competing in the 43km race starting at Gorge Road Country Club and looping around Seaward Downs, Mokotua and back along the Invercargill-Gorge Road Highway.

It was great to see some big bunches riding out from town in order to clock up some more kms for the day on top of the racing, which is always a bit shorter at this end of the season.

Racing across all grades was really positive and times were quick despite a few hills and a dose of wind, along with some chilly temperatures.  There were some outstanding rides by some of the U15’s and U17’s who competed in C Grade or the Junior Div 1 Grade who also completed a 43km loop.  Fantastic to see the huge progress these kids have made -  keep up the good work, there are lots of people cheering you guys on as you come through the grades!  The U13’s competed across 15kms and fair flew the distance in another really positive show of racing.  Good job!

A huge thank-you to all who volunteered their time to help out with the race – it’s always a big team effort to put the races on and there are many who help out week after week.  CHEERS!

Also, thanks to Cycle Surgery who donated a bunch of spot prizes.

Dale Tye
Race Manager

To view the video of the finish please click below

Results: Gorge Road 43km Graded Race 

A-Grade 1:05:10
B.Cairns1, M.Zenovich 2, S.Cunningham 3

B-Grade 1:09:31
L.McPherson 1, A.Sinclair 2, R.Robinson 3

C-Grade 1:13:03
C.Horton 1, M.Anderson 2, T.Raggett 3

D-Grade 1:42:02
K.Gough 1, T.Shaw 2, F.Canny 3

Many thanks Waine Harding

Points Series Update

1st Brehan Cairns 34 points
2nd Matt Zenovich 29 points
2nd Scotty Cunningham 29 points
3rd Hamish Presbury
1st Luke McPherson 42 points
2nd Nick Kergozou 30 points
3rd Aaron Sinclair 29 points
1st Max Anderson 46 points
2nd Garry Steedman 30 points
2nd Dave Simpson 30 points
3rd Garry Perkins 28 points
1st Fergus Canny 52 points
2nd Mary Marshall 22 points
3rd Kylie Gough 20 points

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