Date: Monday, 04 April 2011
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Results from Saturdays U15 Boys Southland Champs Road Race.

02/04/2011 - After some early attacks from Tom Sexton and Josh Carpenter the race settled into a battle of cunning as the riders 'tried' each other out on different parts of the circuit.

No one rider had the horsepower to escape and make it stick although everyone in the peloton had a go at one time or another. On the final climb pre-race favourite Liam (Hammer) Haggerty dug deep and put the field under some intense pressure, just as everyone remade contact he kicked again and initiated a long sprint to the line.

Hamish Beadle and Tom (Sexy) Sexton tried to come around him but Liam was too strong and crossed the line in first place confirming his billing as the man to beat. Hamish crossed in second for a well earned silver and Tom in third place to scoop the bronze.

Riders enjoyed their rewards of carbo replacement chocolate although Tom Sexton had to make an early exit to deal with the awaiting press corp eager for an interview with Southland's newest cycling phenomenon. 

Final Results

1st Liam Haggerty 53.32

2nd Hamish Beadle 53.34

3rd Tom Sexton 53.39

4th Josh Carpenter 53.45

5th Brayden Stephens 57.46

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