Date: Wednesday, 15 August 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland


After almost ending up as part of the Belgian team pursuit - our junior racers enjoyed an hour of fast and furious racing last night.

Mystery prime scratch races were followed by a 3 lap derby before finishing up with sealed handicap team sprints.

Mystery Prime
A Grade:
1. Tom Sexton
2. Josh Van den Arend
3.Brayden Stephens

B Grade:
1. Emma Cumming
2. Jack Pedler
3. Kate Wilson

C Grade:
1. Hunter Gough
2. Emily Paterson
3. Madeleine Gough

A Grade:
Race 1: Hadyn Strong
Race 2: Josh Van den Arend

B Grade:
Race 1: Corbin Strong
Race 2: Emma Cumming

C Grade:
1. Madeleine Gough
2. Lucy Dawke
3. Emily Paterson

Team sprint (after handicapping)
Team 6: Tom Sexton, Joe Archer, Brayden Stephens, Haydn Strong

Well done also to Matthew Nunn and Mitchell Morris for winning the two spot prizes for awesome riding!


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