Date: Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Anticipation is building for another great Junior Division camp this weekend, which is being held in Tuatapare with special guest Ruth Jarman joined by Southland representatives Steph McKenzie, Tom Beadle and Josh Haggerty. Here's all you need to know.

Cycling Southland Junior Camp - Tuatapere - August 23 – 25 2013

Daily Plan

Friday 23 August

Meet at Velodrome at 5:30pm to be on road by 6pm. Travel to Tuatapere to arrive by 7pm.  Have your  tea before leaving or on way,  your choice

7.15pm   Welcome and briefing on expected camp behavior and house-keeping,  including room allocation and out of bounds areas.

Brief talk about Yunca – this camp is a great build up towards that – riding in bigger bunches and over hillier terrain.  Training programmes towards the Yunca Tour, if you don’t have your own coach,  are up online on the Cycling Southland website and updated monthly.

Split into groups – come up with theme/purpose/goals for camp.  Vote on top ones and these to set theme of camp.

7.45-8pm  Team activities and challenges (the fun stuff)
-          Come up with team name / chant  (X Factor or Junior Divs Got Talent  standard)
-          Making Muesli bars for ride the next day (check facilities allow this)

9pm  Supper
Briefing about tomorrow

10pm  In bed

10.30pm  Lights out (earlier for younger riders)

Saturday  24 August

7:30am – 8:15am  Breakfast

8:30am  Clean up

8:55am  Room inspection

9am  On bikes
Skills session with Ruth Jarman  – Climbing (to be confirmed)
Split into groups for ride itself:
Group One - 3-4 hours
Group Two – 2-2.5 hours
Group Three – 1 hour
Each group to have following vehicle, adult rider and 1st Aid kit

1pm (approx)  Lunch

Afternoon  Room inspection

Team activity- sand castle building, toy boat building if weather is fine
Cycling movies if weather is bad
Tyre changing race, mechanic challenges              

Afternoon tea

Further ride – Grass track racing?  Check use of domain                            

4:30 – 5:30pm  Get yourselves  smelling sweet and clean for dinner etc

5:30 - 6pm  Head to Waiau Hotal for Dinner – the cost of dinner is included in the camp fees however if you want to drink anything other than water you will have to purchase this yourselves.

8pm  Guest speaker/s

9:15pm  Supper

10pm  Bed (if not already there)

Sunday 25 August

7:30 – 8:15am  Breakfast

8:30am  Clean up and pack out & final room inspections

10am  Ride – split to ride various distances to Riverton to meet up and then travel home.
Ride would be weather dependent.

Ride Options:

Group 1: Tuatapere to Riverton via Otautau
Group 2:  Tuatapere to Riverton via Coast Road (bearing in mind road is very busy)
Group 3: Colac Bay to Riverton (for younger group)

Other options include riding some of the hills in Riverton itself once everyone gets there / in the different groups / or if the weather is really bad, just driving to Riverton to ride the hills.

After ride meet at Mrs Clark’s Café where we have arranged for everyone to get a hot drink, mouse trap and cheese roll, you are welcome to have more however it will be at your own cost, so bring money if you want to.

Any parents not going on camp who would like to, are more than welcome to meet us at Mrs Clark’s.  If you let Andrea know your cell number she can text you when we know what time roughly we will get there. 

What you will need to bring with you
Bike & Helmet
Bike clothing – more than one set as we are in Southland and our weather isn’t always
sunny, make sure you have at least one thermal layer included with this and a waterproof jacket
Spare tube/s
Pump if you have one
Water bottle
Bike lock
Riding Fuel  - ie any gels etc that you normally have while riding
Sleeping bag
Pillow case
2 x Towels
Tea towel - NAMED
Casual clothes for around camp and going to Hotel for tea
Something in your team colours
Torch – head torch preferably but normal torch OK if you haven’t
And whatever food item you have been allocated on the spreadsheet

You are welcome to take your cell phones and ipods etc with you, but you will be responsible for any loss or damage.  NO liability will be accepted by Junior Division

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