Date: Thursday, 03 June 2010
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03/06/10 - Cycling Southland’s 2010 Teretonga Schools’ Cycling Points Series is underway with 26 aspiring track and road cyclists having competed over the last two weeks. The series, to be held every Wednesday is aimed at fostering new cycling talent on the road in a safe environment and providing a midweek training workout for more experienced riders.

On Wednesday a one-lap time trial blowout was held, followed by a Division 1 and Div 2 scratch race. During the warm up the experienced riders took those less experienced around the track and showed them how it was done.  The Time Trial featured great rides by Josh Haggerty, completing his lap in 3 minutes 55 seconds, the fastest time of the day. Debutant rider Noah Knol blitzed around the circuit, missing out on the Division 2 Time Trial by a solitary second from pocket rocket Hamish Beadle.

The times from the time trial helped give organisers an idea on the start to give riders in the following scratch races, a sealed handicap. This meant the stronger riders had to break away in order to overcome their handicap .The Division 2 race was again taken by Noah Knol with other great rides from newcomers Liz Reid and Laura Heywood.
A great ride from Jeremy Presbury saw him take the sealed handicap in Division 1 holding out the scratch riders Josh Haggerty and Paddy Daly. Jen Muhl pipped Kate Dunlevey for third and first woman home. This was a continuation of Jen’s great form and showed why she is the defending champion.

Name                    Time    Place
Josh Haggerty    3.55      1
Michael Culling   3.58      2
Paddy Daily       4.05      3
Nick Kergerzou   4.08      4
Ethan Thwaites   4.15      5
Liam Haggerty    4.17     6
Jordan Copeland 4.18     7
Jermey Presbury  4.21    8
Jen Muhl            4.25     9=
Kate Dunlevey    4.25     9=
Sarah Thomlinson 4.37  10
Paigen Marshall    4.38   11
Georgia Timpany  4.39   12
Hamish Beadle     4.46   13
Noah Knol            4.47   14
Tom Sexton         4.55   15=
Hayden Strong      4.48   15=
Liz Reid               4.58   16
Laura Heywood     4.59   17
Caleb Hope          5.02   18
Laura Copeland    5.12   19
Brayden Stephens 5.21   20

Sealed Handicap Results

Division 1

1st Jeremy Presbury
2nd Ethan Thwaites
3rd Jen Muhl
4th Kate Dunlevey

Division 2

1st Noah Knol
2nd Liz Reid
3rd Caleb Hope
4th Laura Heywood

Also, last Friday night the Baxter and Neilson track series had its fourth round of the year. This series provides premier racing for Under 17 riders on the track and the generous sponsorship of Baxter and Neilson Plumbers enables series winners the opportunity to race with carbon race wheels in their Under 19 season.

This series is hotly contested with over 40 riders turning up on these monthly race nights.

The winners of the night were;

Under 13 Girls - Elizibeth Reid,
Under 13 Boys - Josh Carpenter,
Under 15 Girls - Brooke Brazier,
Under 15 Boys - Michael Culling,
Under 17 Girls - Jen Muhl,
Under 17 Boys - Tom Beadle.

The next round in the Baxter and Neilson series is on June 25th from 6.00pm at the ILT Velodrome.

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