Date: Monday, 10 February 2020

The Invercargill to Browns road race turned out to be a real test for the riders as mother nature threw everything at the field.  From strong winds, heavy rain and cold conditions, the relatively short distance proved challenging.  

Riding off limit Nicole Avery rode strongly before being joined by the two minute bunch of Peter Redpath, Max Anderson, Wayne Murchland and Nicola Stevens.  As this group approached the outskirts of the Browns township it looked as if they were going to be the riders to fight out the potential victory.

However it was scratch marker Hamish Keast who had other ideas.  Starting off at 17min 15sec with Fraser Hewitt the pair set to their task straight away flying along the Lorneville Dacre Highway at speeds reaching 60km/h.  Some 19km into the journey the duo caught the break combination of Brendan Akeroyd, Neil Cleghorn, Hunter Gough and Blake Tait Jones.  

As this group of six approached Wilsons Crossing the weather began to turn particularly nasty.  Combined with the searing efforts being forced by Keast, riders began to fall off the pace.  Firstly Hewitt, then Tait Jones a few kilometres later, Cleghorn and Akeroyd.  Keast continued to push hard over the rolling Spring Hills with Hunter Gough intermittently contributing before he too fell victim to Keast’s pressure.  

Keast continued on his quest to catch riders in a solo time trial effort, catching the mid marks between the Spring Hills church and Browns.

However it was the front markers who entered onto the back straight of the grass track first and still had 400m on the lone scratch rider who was next on to the grounds.  Coming into the bell lap, Keast connected with the leaders and powered his way through to take the dual honours of first home and fastest time.  A valiant effort saw Max Anderson, Wayne Murchland and Peter Repath hold onto the minor placings.  

Thanks to those that assisted with marshalling on the day and to the Browns Sports Society for providing the opportunity to compete.  


  1. Hamish Keast
  2. Max Anderson
  3. Wayne Muchland
  4. Peter Redpath
  5. Gene Marsh
  6. Nic Stevens
  7. Neil Familton
  8. Brooke Armishaw
  9. Mike White
  10. Alan Strong

Fastest Time:50min 45 sec


  1. Frankie Thomson
  2. Hadley Sheehy
  3. Kayne Borrie

Fastest Time  Marshall Erwood

Fastest Female: Jette Simon

E Grade

1st Poppy McIvor

2nd Oskar McIvor

Following the road races a number of junior riders contested the various grass track races



  1. Hadley Sheehy  (20m)
  2. Marshall Erwood (Scr)
  3. Hunter Thompson (50m)


  1. Marshall Erwood (Scr)
  2. Hunter Gough (Scr)
  3. Tom Kerr (80m)


Div 2

  1. George Thomson
  2. Cooper Gough
  3. Poppy McIvor


Div 1

  1. Tom Kerr (30m)
  2. Frankie Thomson (30m)
  3. Hunter Thompson (40m)


  1. Hunter Gough (Scr)
  2. Marshall Erwood (Scr)
  3. Tom Kerr (60m)


  1. Frankie Thomson (130m)
  2. Hunter Thompson (130m)
  3. Marshall Erwood (Scr)
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