Date: Friday, 08 March 2019


Nine New Zealand and two Championship records fell on day one of the Vantage Age Group Track Cycling National Championships in Cambridge.

Around 220 riders from around the country have assembled at the Avantidrome to contest youth and masters age group titles over four days of competition.

Youngsters Jenna Borthwick (Canterbury) and Jack Carswell (WaiBOP) set the pace early on day one, breaking New Zealand records in the U17 2000m Individual Pursuit. In qualifying, Borthwick bettered the previous mark set by current Junior World Team Pursuit silver medallist McKenzie Milne, while Carswell sneaked past Laurence Pithie’s record by 0.147 seconds. Borthwick and Carswell both lowered their morning times to win gold in the evening finals, putting their fellow riders on notice for the rest of the week’s competition.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all, it was pretty amazing,” Borthwick said. “As a sprinter, this wasn’t an event I was targeting, I thought I’d just have a go and see how I went.”

Borthwick now holds a rare double: the under 17 flying 200m record and the 2000m individual pursuit, a feat which she describes as overwhelming, but one that makes her “pretty happy”.

Carswell went into the final looking to ride more consistently than he had in the morning.

“I was definitely hoping to get near the New Zealand record today as I put a lot of training in during the past few months. I didn’t stick to my schedule in the first race and that showed in my time, but I did a bit better in the final and it definitely worked out how I hoped it would, so I’m really happy.”

A number of records were also broken in the masters races with Lyn Peterken (Masters 5) and Penny Pawson (Masters 3) breaking the 2000m individual pursuit records in qualifying, and again in the evening final. Judijke Scheffer (Masters 1) also broke the New Zealand record, and Fiona Southorn (Masters 4), the sole Northland rider at the event, also posted a Championship record time.

Southland’s James Jubb produced a stunning ride to lower the 1000m Time Trial record with a time of 1:07.961 in the men’s masters one category, while Adam Hamlin and Roger Bates also achieved the feat in the 500m version.

Waikato Bay of Plenty’s Hamish Banks won the under 15 boys 500m time trial final in Championship record time, while fellow Waikato Bay of Plenty rider Antony Brown had a great day at the office, taking home two gold medals from two races.

Racing continues tomorrow with more individual pursuits and time trials as well as sprint, keirin and scratch races.

Results, Day 1 results:

Female, Individual Pursuit, 2000m: Masters 8, Final: Janice O’Brien (WCNI) 3:42.725, 1. Masters 6, Final: Shona McGrath (CTB), caught 1; Sandra Bromwich (WBOP), 2.Masters 5, Qualifying: Lyn Peterken (WBOP) 2:45.735, 1 (NZ record); Mandy Gumbley (Auckland) 2:46.825, 2; Robyn de Haas (WBOP) 2:47.501, 3; Judith Quax (WBOP) 2:55.521, 4. Masters 5, Final: Peterken (WBOP) 2:44.499, 1 (NZ record); Gumbley (Auckland) 2:46.899, 2; de Haas (WBOP) 2:46.800, 3; Quax (WBOP) 2:57.806, 4. Masters 4, Final: Fiona Southorn (Northland) 2:41, 731, 1 (NZ Championship Record); Sonya Barton (Southland) 2:52.922, 2. Masters 3, Qualifying: Penny Pawson (Auckland) 2:33.519, 1 (NZ record); Erin Criglington (Southland) 2:36.939, 2; Erin Gray (WBOP) 2:44.300, 3; Sandra Gatenby (WBOP) 2:45.972, 4. Final: Pawson (Auckland) 2:32.321, 1 (NZ record); Criglington (Southland) 2:38.029, 2; Gray (WBOP) 2:43.522, 3; Gatenby (WBOP) 2:46.522, 4. Masters 2, Qualifying: Geertien Venter (Southland) 2:46.391, 1; Claire Sherrington (WBOP) 2:47.163, 2; Renita Vanderhelm (WLG) 2:49.355, 3. Final: Venter (Southland) 2:45.759, 1; Sherrington (WBOP) 2:46.553, 2; Vanderhelm (WLG), 3. Masters 1, Final: Judikje Scheffer (WBOP) 2:39.106, 1 (NZ record); Nicola Cox (WCNI) 2:45.145).

Under-17, Qualifying: Jenna Borthwick (Canterbury) 2:29.237, 1 (NZ record); Prudence Fowler (WBOP) 2:32.052, 2; Jessica Spencer (Southland) 2:34.094, 3; Charlotte Spurway (Canterbury) 2:35.769, 4. Final: Borthwick (Canterbury) 2:28.797, 1 (NZ record); Fowler (WBOP) 2:31.338, 2; Jessica Spencer (Southland) 2:33.738, 3; Spurway (Canterbury) 2:35.398, 4.

500m Time Trial, Under 15: Seana Gray (WBOP) 38.967, 1; Mackenzie Barnett (WBOP) 39.116, 2; Ruby Spring (Auckland) 39.585, 3.

Male, Individual Pursuit 2000m:

Under 17, Qualifying: Jack Carswell (WBOP) 2:15.527, 1 (NZ record); Zack Patterson (WBOP) 2:16.766, 2; Mitchel Fitzsimons (Southland) 2:17.844, 3; Ryan MacLeod (Canterbury) 2:19.668, 4. Final: Jack Carswell (WBOP) 2:14.214, 1 (NZ record); Zack Patterson (WBOP) 2:17.598, 2; Mitchel Fitzsimons (Southland) 2:18.217, 3; Ryan MacLeod (Canterbury) 2:19.914, 4.

Male, 500m Time Trial: Under 15: Hamish Banks (WBOP) 35.933, 1; Jack Overweel (WCNI) 36.495, 2; Marshall Erwood (Southland) 37.468, 3. 

Masters 10: Adam Hamlin (West Coast North Island) 44.512, 1 (NZ record). Masters 9: Roger Bates (Tasman) 43.409, 1 (NZ record). Masters 8: John Blake (WBOP) 41.111, 1; Colin Claxton (Auckland) 41.218, 2; Rod Hogarth (Canterbury) 41.510, 3. Masters 7: Graeme Litt (Canterbury) 37.808, 1; Dean Longhurst (Canterbury) 41.997, 2; Owen Henwood (Canterbury) 43.638, 3. Masters 6: Russell Scott (Auckland) 36.097, 1; Neil Familton (Southland) 37.976, 2; Graham Bunn (WBOP) 39.020, 3. Masters 5: Andy Parker (Auckland) 36.022, 1; Peter Ashworth (Auckland) 36.684, 2; Ko Ouwehand (WBOP) 37.278, 3. Masters 4: Antony Brown (WBOP) 35.071, 1 (NZ record); Manu Robson (WBOP) 35.421, 2; Paul Kircher (CTB) 36.085, 3. 

750m Time Trial: Masters 3: Bruce Cook (Wellington) 51.614, 1; Cliff Parker (Auckland) 53.047, 2; Grant Haggett (WCNI) 53.205, 3. Masters 2: Dan Rutland (WBOP) 53.184, 1; Grant Perry (Wellington) 55.233, 2.

1000m Time Trial: Masters 1: James Jubb (Southland) 1:07.961, 1 (NZ record); Rob Scarlett (Auckland) 1:09.662, 2; Gideon Burke (Wellington) 1:10.111, 3. 

Scratch Race, Masters Cat 4: Kevin McComb (WBOP) 1, Graeme Litt (Canterbury) 2, Dean Longhurst (Canterbury), 3. Masters Cat 3: Neil Familton (Southland), 1; Andy Parker (Auckland), 2; Andrew Mckay (Auckland), 3. Masters Cat 2: Antony Brown (WBOP), 1; Timothy Carswell (WBOP), 2; Jamie Hodgkinson, 3. Masters 1: Gideon Burke (Wellington) 1, Andrew Weatherly (WBOP) 2, Andy Grainger (Auckland) 3.

CAPTION: James Jubb claims a new national record in the 1000m MM1 Time Trial on day one of the Age Group Track Championships.


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