Date: Tuesday, 10 May 2011
Posted by: Cycling Southland

10/05/2011 - Tomorrow three of our junior U17 road riders are venturing to Wagga Wagga in NSW, Australia to race in the Gwen French Memorial junior tour this weekend.

Jeremy Presbury, George Blackie and Jennifer Muhl all applied for the opportunity to travel to Wagga Wagga for the race and were selected not only on their ability, but also on the effort they have shown in road cycling over the previous year.

The trip is sponsored by both Cycling Southland and the Wagga Wagga cycling club.

This is the third year that this venture has taken place marking a successful relationship between Southland and Wagga Wagga. We are very grateful to the organiser in Australia, Neil Pinto.

The riders will be billeted with host families and get to meet and ride with local cyclists. They will meet the Mayor on Friday before the racing starts and have their picture taken for the local paper!


The tour begins with a prologue on Saturday morning – a 10Km TT for Jennifer and 14Km for the boys. This is followed by a road race on Saturday afternoon and two slightly shorter road races on Sunday. The maps of the course describe wonderful sounding places as “Wantabadgery” and “Tumbalong”. The hills might not be quite so nice!

On Monday – the group flies back to Sydney and has a day of relaxation and exploration before heading home to New Zealand.

Many thanks to all who have facilitated this trip – Andrea Hope, Sier Vermunt, Helen Presbury and Neil Pinto (Australia). I’m sure the riders will do the club proud!!


Marie Muhl (Parent Manager)

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