Date: Sunday, 05 August 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Natasha HansenThe following New Zealanders are in action on the fourth day:

Women's Sprint

21:58 - Qualifying - Natasha Hansen (Rider 4 of 18)

03:00 - 1/16 Finals

03:48 - 1/16 Final Repechage

4:38 - 1/8 Finals

5:06 - 1/8 Final Repecahges

05:51 - Race for 9th to 12th

For Olympic Games the following qualification process applies for the Sprint Programme:

18 starters qualify as usual with a Flying 200.

1/16 Finals has nine two-up sprints with 1 v 18, 2 v 17, etc

The winners progress to the 1/8 finals the losers drop in to one of three three-up repechages. The winner of these three races then fill the last three places (along with the nine 1/16 winners) in the six 1/8 Finals.

The six 1/8 winners move directly through to the Quarter finals with the six losers again dropping in to two three-up repecharges with the two repecaharge winners filling the final two quarter final spots. The four riders who don't win, drop in to a four-up race for 9th to 12th.

From the quarter final stage the two-up match sprints are contested over three races with the quarter final winners moving on to the semifinals and the losers dropping in to the ride for 5th to 8th.

The semifinal winners ride for gold and silver while the losers ride off for bronze.

Men's Omnium

21:00 - 4km Individual Pursuit - Shane Archbold (Heat 6 of 9)

04:01 - 15km Scratch Race

05:16 - 1km Time Trial

Men's Sprint

03:34 - Quarterfinals

05:47 - Rave for 5th-8th Place

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