Date: Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Hi cycling community for another week,
Hope you are all keeping fit and well through the winter weeks.

It was a truly epic weekend for our Junior Division families and supporters as they tackled the mammoth task of producing 41,000 cheese rolls on Saturday - and make and deliver them they certainly did!

It was quite a step up from the 30,000 they produced at their inaugural major fundraiser last year but, all things considered, it went like a well-oiled machine once again.  Final expenses and earnings are being tidied up but it has once again been a hugely successful venture that is now clearly marked on the calendar. Well done to all those who spear-headed this year’s monster effort through organisation, co-ordination, donations of time, equipment, storage and product and much more. To all those who rolled up their sleeves to make it happen – thank you!

Road Racing This Weekend
This Saturday’s scheduled Rimu-Seaward Downs handicap race has been cancelled due to the MTB 8 hour enduro event being held on the same day. Red Burnett will keep all those keen to ride on Saturday posted with details of where to meet for a club ride instead (weather dependent), so keep an eye on the road racing facebook page. The Vital Signs sponsorship will be transferred to another race date.

Architecture Unlimited Track Challenge
Less than two weeks to go until the Time Trial to determine the race schedule for Sunday 30th June. The Time Trial will take place from 6pm on Friday 21 June so head on down and cheer them all on to do their best. View the TT Schedule

If anyone is keen to help out on the day, please just let me know – thank you.

Keep up the great work with the training everyone!

Club Meeting
We have scheduled a Club Meeting for Wednesday 26 June in the Champions Lounge, at 7pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity to provide a full introduction of our new GM Nicola Wills – particularly if you have not caught up with her yet – home movies will NOT be provided!

There will also be an overview from the office perspective – in light of half of us being relatively still new to the scene and will include what’s been happening, what’s coming up, events and development etc

Any general business will also be covered.

If you can let me know if you intend to come along with an RSVP would be terrific

Track Schedule

Don’t forget if it’s cold, wet and dark outside, there are opportunities to ride on our fantastic SIT Zero Fees Velodrome boards instead.

This includes Lunch Rolls, a wet weather rec ride on Sundays and there will be even more from next term in July.  Just keep an eye on the weekly schedule

You can find the link on our home page in the sub menu under our logo (top, left).

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