Date: Wednesday, 27 November 2013
Posted by: Cycling Southland

First time using the Winton Golf club circuit and it was a beautiful sunny day with gentle southerly to cool the sweat on the brow in the punch down to Lochiel Bridge.

Division 4 took off with the C grade field and stayed with them with some success- Nicola (send me up to Division 3) Stevens rode on Division 3’s coat-tails with some ease, and Jane (I need more company in Division 4) Donaldson got peeled off the back in the first lap and towed Corbin Strong home. 

Division 2 and Division 3 both stayed together, by and large, over the two laps with several aggressive anti-social breaks not able to stick.  The the bunch sprints delivered exciting mass finishes with Andrew Lienert able to gap his fellow Division 2 competitors and take enough points to pick up the Division 2 Points jersey, from his consistent bunchies Aaron and Ant. Enjoy Christmas dinner and promotion to A grade next year guys :-)

Division 1 saw the strength from the Tough Tours earlier (Junior and ToS) on display with Josh Haggerty, Luke Macpherson, Mike White (who covered all of the ToS kilometres with the best of them) Josh van den Arend and Anton O’Connell putting too much heat on the rest of the bunch and fighting out the sprint.

Thanks to Robin Criglington who is Mr Consistency for backing up after a full week at the velodrome and Kathleen Simpson for Marshalling at the eleventh hour allowing the race to start as well as Derek Tan and Vaughan Edie’s Dad for taking up corner duties and helping everyone get home safely. 

Winton Golf club hosted us for refreshments and a pleasant wind down for those who graced it with their presence and the lucky spot went to Ant Leithart

See you at Niagara!!

Tony Hammington – Race Manager

Division 1
 1 Josh Haggerty
2 Mike White
3 Brendan Akeroyd 

Division 2
1 Andrew Lienert
2 Aaron Sinclair
3 Ant Leathart 

Division 3
1 Daryl Haggerty
2 Marty Lohry
3 Andy McIntyre 

Division 4
1 Nicola Stevens
2 Jane Donaldson 

Points Series Overall Results

Division 1
1 Mathew Zenovich – 52 Points
2 Brendan Akeroyd – 42 Points
3 Cameron Karwowski – 40 Points 

Division 2
1 Andrew Lienert – 57 Points
2 Stu MacDonald – 40 Points
3 Aaron Sinclair – 36 Points 

Division 3
1 Tim Maynard – 50 Points
2= Marty Lohrey – 45 Points
2= Daryl Haggerty – 45 Points
4 Grant Colbran – 35 Points


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