Date: Sunday, 05 September 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Myross Bush Points Race Results

Windy conditions greeted the hearty souls who lined up for the 50km points race.

It was always going to be a challenge, gusts in some areas had riders struggling to hold their line and luckily everyone stayed upright. Then there was the head wind only the brave took the opportunity to try and get away.

Numbers in the grades were: A-grade 11, B-grade 12, C-grade15 and mixed in with them were a handful of junior div 1 and 2 riders.

A grade completed their first 8.2km lap in 11:41 which was a bit quick for some. During the second lap a break formed containing Hamish Tomlinson, Brehan Cairns and Dillon Bennett, they managed to stay away for the remaining laps to claim the top three placing.

B grade started their race hard and fast as well finishing the first lap in 12:12. Competition their was tighter, it was only Bruce Jones and Andrew Lienert who managed to get clear of the bunch to gain some sprint points. Back from injury Jason Shields worked hard to get across and claim some points as well.

C grade stayed together for the first of their 5 laps taking 13:03, it was only Garry Perkins who got away with some strong junior riders to get early points. The bunch worked solidly to catch with John Archer leading the challenge. Once they had caught up on Perkins it was time for another group with Archer, Perkins, Amy Marshall and Bernie Bell to jump away. They managed to stay away and fight out the placing.

It was a very tough day on the bike and full credit to all to completed the course.

A-grade  1st Dillon Bennett  28 points
             2nd Hamish Tomlinson  26 points
             3rd Brehan Cairns  17 points
             4th Lachlan Shannon 
             5th Simon Croom
             6th Matt Dodds

B-grade  1st Andrew Lienert 16 points
             2nd Jason Shields 13 points
             3rd Neil Familton 12 points
             4th Bruce Jones
             5th= Steve Brough and Brendon Monaghan

C-grade  1st Garry Perkins 23 points
             2nd John Archer  21 points
             3rd Bernie Bell  13 points
             4th Amy Marshall
             5th Wally Kopae
             6th Mark Day

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