Date: Friday, 25 June 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

By Nathan Burdon, The Southland Times

Harrex Leg Waxing 2010Wax on, wax off:  Doing their bit for the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit last night were (from left) Terry Laidlaw, Marcus White and Mark Hotton.

A man’s first leg wax is a deeply personal event.

Take last night’s Corporate Pursuit wax-off at the ILT Velodrome.

Three men, selected by their fellow riders, were the lucky recipients of a free waxing in the buildup to Sunday’s Harrex Group sponsored finals.

This was some undertaking.

An 18-strong troupe – well, three actually – from Surrender Hair Design worked in shifts like coalminers as they went through about a month’s worth of cotton strips and enough was to keep the Vatican in candles until the next millennium.

Some, like ILG Heineken rider Terry Laidlaw, made staunch their byword, with a demeanour reminiscent of someone enjoying a quiet cup of tea while watching Coro.

Marcus White, from Harrex, had arguably the most to lose and the losing became an arduous process.

Bizarrely, while Southland Times rider Mark Hotton was getting the worst of it, a 12 year old girl must have walked past calling for her lost cat.

At least, that’s what it sounded like.

The trio were happy to “take one for the team” as they look to gain that extra edge in speed that could prove the difference in the big event on Sunday.  Then again, it might not.

Laidlaw, who is eager to find out exactly who from the ILT volunteered him for last night’s entertainment, was hoping for a 10 sec improvement from his nude legs.

Only time will tell.

For more photos and video coverage of the wax-off click here.

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