Date: Saturday, 20 November 2010
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Report and Results      

Riverton – Tuatapere and Return 20th November 2011


It was the first race of the new round for our Senior Club on Saturday. The program is packed full of variety for all gender, the reintroduction of Crit racing appears to be a warm welcome for those who can remember the thrill and excitement it brings.

 Forty six riders registered at the Carriers Arms tavern on a day that was threatening to be wet. However that was not to be the case with the rain clearing and the temperature warming up.

Fairly even fields in all grades promised some good racing, with testing terrain and NO wind!


Rolling out of Riverton each grade enjoyed the gentle neutralised start to the boundary where racing started in earnest.

A Grade riders Hamish Presbury and Hamish Tomlinson broke away early and managed to stay clear for some time before in-form rider Brehan Cairns bridged across. The catch was inevitable with Lee Evans working hard to bring it all back together. A mass sprint for the end of stage 1. Time 1:16:20

B Grade most riders in this grade worked hard to try and lose the stragglers. There were a few saying at the end  “I hope it isn’t that fast on the way back”  testament to the high average speed they were only 2min 5sec slower than A-Grade. Another mass sprint finish. Time 1:18:25

C Grade riders pretty much stayed together for the majority of the first stage. The hills pushed some to the limit and the odd rider tried to get away but not enough to stay away. Mass sprint number three! Time 1:24:30

Half an hour break and it was back into it! The first stage taking the sting out of some riders legs for sure. However that’s what stage racing is all about.

A Grade started honestly with everyone taking their turn on the front. A light side/tail wind had speeds getting up in some places. No one managed to make a significant break and things remained intact to the finish. Time 1:14:23

B Grade begun slowly, there was a fear C- Grade was going to catch after starting 2min behind. When the pace finally  picked up everyone enjoyed the tail wind. Ray Robinson and Gabby Vermunt escaped 10kms out and worked well to stay away for a long time until determined riders Neil Familton, Andrew Lienert and Jason Shields chased them down close to the finish. Time 1:17:30

C Grade had the “bit between their teeth” from the start. Seeing B-Grade got them a little excited and may have been too much for a few so early. The bunch were strung out for a few km’s driven hard by John Archer, Mark Blackler and Bernie Bell.  Alistair Burnett showed his hill climbing strength and broke clear on the closing hills and managed to stay away to the finish. Time 1:21:50


A Grade

Stage 1. 

1 Brehan Cairns     

2 Hamish Presbury

3 Kirk Hamilton

4 Lee Evans

5 Nick Atkinson

Stage 2

1 Hamish Tomlinson

2 Brehan Cairns

3 Kirk Hamilton

4 Lee Evans

5 Blake Tait-Jones

Overall A Grade
1 Brehan Cairns

2 Kirk Hamilton

3 Lee Evans

B Grade

1st Stage

1 Neil Familton

2 Andrew Lienert

3 Jason Shields

4 Kylie Young

5 Allan Strong

2nd Stage

1 Neil Familton

2 Andrew Lienert

3 Ray Robinson

4 Gabby Vermunt

5 Jason Shields

Overall B Grade

1 Neil Familton

2 Andrew Lienert

3 Jason Shields

C Grade - Stage 1

1 Mark Blackler

2 John Archer

3 Mike Cooper

C Grade - Stage 2

1 Alistair Burnett

2 John Archer

3 Andrew Holden

Overall Result C Grade

1 John Archer

2 Mark Blackler

3 Mike Cooper

It was a great day racing and a huge thank you to the Carriers Arms Hotel for there support and all of the volunteers on the day.

 Next race Woodlands circuit meet at Tavern Saturday 10:30 for a 11:00am start.

 Don’t forget Criteriums starting this Sunday Elders Woolstore Lorneville  A-Grade start 10:00am. 

Congratulations to Shane Fletcher who won the Points Series draw to attend the Armstrong Cycle Festival.



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