Date: Saturday, 27 March 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Waianiwa Mini Tour Results:

Sunny but windy conditions greeted the riders at the start of the racing on Saturday 27 March.

A field of 46 riders (15 A-Grade, 13 B-Grade and 18 C-Grade) all appeared keen to race the planned two stage day. All grades had a good mixture of young and old sorry (senior) riders.

 Stage one a 45km return circuit to Drummond was not easy the cross winds and rolling hills tested the strength of all concerned.  Our seniors weren't going to make it easy for the younger fast finishing sprinters. Brendan Monaghan and Neil Familton stretched the A-Grade field a few times trying break it up, likewise in the B-Grade where Bruce Jones and Sier Vermunt did their best to do the same.

Stage one results were:

A-Grade          1st Blake Tait-Jones, 2nd Tom Beadle, 3rd Jamie Culling

B-Grade           1st Tony Hammington, 2nd Grant Colbran, 3rd Sier Vermunt

C-Grade          1st Josh Haggerty, 2nd Alister Burnett, 3rd Tim Maynard 

Stage Two:  9km circuit didn't see as many riders line up.

A-Grade 12 riders, B-Grade 9 riders and C-Grade 11 riders.

An added sprint time bonus for each of the laps gave a race a different perspective this gave the riders an opportunity make up some time on the stage one winners. 

Final Results:


A-Grade:          1st Blake Tait-Jones         2:25:40

                       2nd Jamie Culling            2:26:25

                       3rd Marcel Baird              2:26:36

                       4th Allan Strong              2:26:58

                       5th Daryl Cleghorn          2:27:10


B-Grade           1st Grant Colbran            2:15:40

                      2nd Dennis Fahey            2:16:22

                      3rd Jason Shields            2:16:26

                      4th Dave Watkins            2:16:45

                      5th Tony Hammington     2:17:38


C-Grade          1st Josh Haggerty           2:13:03

                      2nd Alister Burnett          2:13:17

                      3rd Tim Maynard            2:14:09

                      4th John Archer              2:16:32

                      5th Kate Dunlevey         2:16:44


A good day had by all!

Waine Harding

Senior Road Convenor

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