Date: Monday, 22 March 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

100km Road Race Saturday 20th March


There were thirty five entries and the limit riders set off from McQuarrie St at 11.37am.
Robin Criglington was the Race Manager and Ray Robinson assisted with the handicapping whilst Liz and Andrea collected the race fees and organised the marshalls. Anja did a great job putting out the signs and collecting them after the race, a big job, thankyou Anja.  Our marshalls were Tim Maynard, Mary Marshall, Aiaan Cairns and Allan Strong kindly assisted near the end.  This is a very important part of the road race and your assistance was appreciated.

A gutsy solo ride by Kylie Young (go Kylie) resulted in a win for her in a time of 3hr 11.58.  Superb effort.  Amy Marshall came in fourth after a brave solo ride in the latter part of the race.  Cameron Karwowski gained fastest time from Dillon Bennett.


35 Entries, 34 starters, split into7 bunches.

1st    Kylie Young off 41mins (2nd limit) in a time of 3.11.58.

2nd   Andrew Ballantyne off 2nd break (17mins) @5.41. In 2.53.39

3rd    Dennis Fahey off 2nd break @5.42. In 2.53.40

4th    Amy Marshall off limit/45mins @5.43. In 3.21.41

5th    Aaron Sinclair off 2nd break @6.43. In 2.54.41

6th    John Archer off 36mins @6.55. In 3.13.53

1st Fastest   Cameron Karwowski (scr) @9.52. In 2.40.50

2nd fastest   Dillon Bennett (scr) @10.09. In 2.41.07

Ray Robinson.

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