Date: Saturday, 24 April 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Bluff Hill Road Race Results 24/04/10

24/04/10 - Overcast cool conditions greeted riders at the start line for the 67km ride to the top of Bluff Hill. All fifty one riders were keen to take on the iconic southland feature, many of them for the first time. The two lap warm up around a Tisbury circuit didn’t see much action, majority of the riders were saving their energy to fight it out on the hill.  Once on the hill the field spread out, Junior rider Marcel Baird rode strongly to win the A grade competition ahead of Brehan Cairns by 35 seconds full results below.

A Grade Results 
  1st Marcel Baird  1:28:15
  2nd Brehan Cairns  1:28:50
  3rd Lachie Shannon  1:29:13
  4th Garth Cooper  1:29:35
  5th Shane Fletcher  1:29:45
  6th Blake Tait-Jones  1:30:03

B Grade Results
  1st Bruce Jones   1:33:03
  2nd Andrew Lienert  1:34:08
  3rd Ethan Thwaites  1:34:15
  4th Neil Familton  1:34:45
  5th Erin Criglington    1:35:25
  6th Robert Huisman  1:35:47

C Grade Results
  1st John Archer   1:39:35
  2nd Gary Perkins  1:39:37
  3rd Tony Raggett  1:40:49
  4th Zane Butson   1:42:28
  5th John Andrews  1:42:35
  6th Allan Milne   1:42:51 

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