Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland

We had an awesome night of racing on Tuesday with great numbers and some really stand out performances across all the grades. Tom Beadle and Kristoff Ford both performed excellently in A Grade. We warmly welcome Kristoff down South where he will be living and studying this year. Looks like he will be keeping things exciting on the racing front!

In B Grade Neil Familton was on fire, with Jen Muhl, Bruce Jones and Grant Toomey all performing well. Many of the U17s raced in B Grade and kept the older riders on bigger gears honest well done guys!

In C Grade, Libby Bayne, Makayla Smith and Brooke Brazier all rode brilliantly, with Tony Shaw keeping the youngsters honest. Good job team! We are looking forward to seeing everyone carve it up at Age Group Nationals!

Race 1 - Scratch Race

A Grade 16 Laps
1 Tom Beadle
2 Brad Tuhi
3 Kristoff Ford

B Grade 12 Laps
1 Jen Muhl
2 Bruce Jones
3 Grant Toomey

C Grade 10 Laps
1 Tony Shaw
2 Kylea Gough
3 Sam Kopae

Race 2 Sprinters Keirin
Race A
1 Tom Beadle
2 Kristoff Ford
3 Jeremy Presbury

Race B
1 Neil Familton
2 Wally Kopae
3 Jen Muhl

Race 3 Points Race
A Grade 25 Laps
1 Kristoff Ford 15 Points
2 Tom Beadle 11 Points
3 Brad Tuhi 10 Points

B Grade 20 Laps
1 Neil Jamieson 17 Points
2 Jen Muhl 9 Points
3 Bruce Jones 7 Points

C Grade 16 Laps
1 Brooke Brazier 11 Points
2 Libby Bayne 9 Points
3 Tony Shaw 8 Points

Race 4 Team Sprint
Various teams

Race 5 Motor Paced Scratch Race
A Grade 30 Laps
1 Kristoff Ford
2 Tom Beadle
3 Brad Tuhi

B Grade 25 Laps
1 Neil Familton
2 Bruce Jones
3 Grant Toomey

C Grade 20 Laps
1 Libby Bayne
2 Brooke Brazier
3 Makayla Smith

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