Date: Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland


Tuesday night again saw some good racing off the back of last week’s ILT New Year Carnival.  There are only a couple of track racing nights left before Elite Track Nationals, so I would encourage Elite Riders to attend Tuesday race nights … we are happy to organise the race programme to suit the build-up to the Elites.

A huge thank you to Waine Harding, Stewart Morley, Paul Tomlinson, Stu MacDonald and all others who helped out on the night.


Race 1:  Scratch Race
C Grade – 8 Laps
1 Andy Fraser
2 Sam Kopae
3 Sophie McMurdo

B Grade – 12 Laps
1 Grant Toomey
2 Amiee Burns
3 Ant Leathart

A Grade
1 Matt Dodds
2 Hamish Tomlinson
3 Tom Beadle

Race 2 Team Sprint
Several combinations touted their speed but the quickest time, with a polished performance, came from Josh Haggerty, Paddy Daly and Tom Beadle. 

Race 3 – Elimination
C Grade
1 Sam Kopae
2 Marie Muhl
3 Andy Fraser

B Grade
1 Ant Leathart
2 Jen Muhl
3 Aimee Burns

A Grade
1 Hamish Tomlinson
2 Tom Beadle
3 Josh Haggerty

Race 4 – Two Up Sprint
Karl Watson v Derek Tan.  Winner:  Karl Watson

Race 5 – Motor Paced Scratch Race
C Grade – 20 Laps
1 Sam Kopae
2 Tony Show
3 Marie Muhl

B Grade – 25 Laps

1 Ant Leathart
2 Grant Toomey
3 Jen Muhl

A Grade – 30 Laps
1 Josh Haggerty
2 Tom Beadle
3 Matt Dodds


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