Date: Tuesday, 07 February 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland

With the Elite Champs done and dusted, it was time for the young and old to shine on Tuesday Night with the ‘in-betweeners’ having a well earnt rest after a brilliant weekend of racing where Southland dominated!

The night doubled as a trial for the Masters Team Sprint team for the upcoming Age-Group Nationals. Looks like we’ll have some speedy teams! The rest of the racing was fast and aggressive, with Paddy Daly, fresh off competing in the U19 Omnium Champs in the weekend, showing his good form, with a clean sweep in all the A Grade races. Liam Haggerty, Grant Toomey and Chris Sexton were other stand out riders of the night. Good work team!!

Scratch Race
C Grade – 10 Laps
1 Brooke Brazier
2 Tony Shaw
3 Makayla Smith

B Grade – 10 Laps
1 Grant Toomey
2 Bruce Jones
3 Josh Van den Arend

A Grade  - 12 Laps
1 Paddy Daly
2 Nick Kergozou
3 Garry Smith

C Grade – 4 Lap Derby
1 Makayla Smith
2 Kerry Cox
3 Kate Wilson

B Grade – 10 Lap Point-a-Lap
1 Liam Haggerty
2 Chris Sexton
3 Libby Bayne

A Grade - 10 Lap Point-a-Lap
1 Paddy Daly
2 Nick Kergozou
3 Grant Toomey

Points Race
C Grade – 8 Laps
1 Tony Shaw (8 points)
2 Sam Kopae (8 points)
3 Kerry Cox (4 points)

B Grade – 12 Laps
1 Chris Sexton  (11 points)
2 Josh van den Arend  (8 points)
3 Liam Haggerty (4 points)

A Grade – 12 Laps
1 Paddy Daly (13 points)
2 Nick Kergozou  (9 points)
3 Derek Tan (3 points)

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