Date: Sunday, 26 September 2010
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Southland Road Champs 25-26/9/2010

Cycling Southland hosted its annual Southland Road Race Championships over the weekend in blustery but mainly fine conditions with titles being handed out across 13 age-group categories.

Saturday featured an individual time trial, out and back on the Gorge Road Highway, while Sunday saw riders complete circuits over Mabel Bush, Hedgehope, Springhills circuit.

The weekend was notable for the return of World Cup gold medallist Tom Scully who continued his return following an injury-induced layoff, by doubling up to claim both Senior Men’s titles. He was pushed hard on both days by Scott Cunningham who finished just three seconds behind Scully in the 40 kilometre time trial. Cunningham pushed hard in the road race breaking away solo to lead by nearly a minute at one stage before Scully and impressive Under 19 Men’s winner Blake Tait-Jones closed him down over the final 30 kilometres, Scully winning the final sprint.

Other notable performances included a powerful finish by Scully’s coach Jerard Stock to win the Masters 35-44 Men’s race and a strong three-man breakaway by Neil Familton (1st), Dave Beadle (2nd) and Dave Watkins (3rd) in the Masters 45+ road race. The three worked well together to stay away and share the medals.

Kylie Young and Erin Criglington proved their favouritism tags were well-deserved, winning both events in the Senior and Masters Women categories respectively. Double victories were also completed by Kelsey Timpany (under 19 Women), Matt Zenovich (Under 17 Boys), Michael Culling (Under 15 Boys), Hayden Strong (Under 13 Boys) and Madeleine Gough (Under 13 Girls).

Cycling Southland’s club racing programme takes a break this weekend with the club hosting the 26th Yunca Junior Tour being held from Friday to Sunday with a record field of over 160 junior riders.

Southland Time Trail Championship – Gorge Road Highway 25/9/10

Under 13 Girls  10km
1st Madeleine Gough  28’21

Under 13 Boys  10km
1st Hayden Strong   19’26
2nd Hamish Beadle   20’02
3rd Tom Sexton   20’52
4th Caleb Hope   22’28 

Under 15 Girls  15km
1st Sophie McMurdo  27’44
2nd Laura Heywood   28’17
3rd Brooke Brazier   29’52
4th Libby Bayne   30’39

Under 15 Boys  15km
1st Michael Culling   24’35
2nd Nicholas Kergozou  24’44

Under 17 Girls  15km
1st Jennifer Muhl   25’32
2nd Kate Dunlevey   26’56
3rd Monikue Raggett  27’34
4th Georgia Timpany  28’55

Under 17 Boys  15km
1st Matt Zenovich   21’28
2nd Tom Beadle   22’34
3rd Josh Haggerty   23’00
4th Ethan Thwaites   45’22

Under 19 Women 15km
1st Kelsey Timpany   25’03
2nd Paigan Marshall   28’05

Under 19 Men  25km
1st Jamie Culling   38’47
2nd Blake Tait-Jones   39’07
3rd Logan Havenaar   41’28

Masters Women 25km
1st Erin Criglington   41’13
2nd Kylea Gough   44’50
3rd Marie Muhl   45’43
4th Shirlene Rollo   45’53

Masters Men (35-44) 25km
1st Derek Tan   36’26
2nd Andrew Lienert   38’11
3rd Daryl Cleghorn   39’24

Masters Men (45+) 25km
1st Sier Vermunt   37’06
2nd Neil Familton   38’11
3rd Dave Beadle   41’00

Masters Men (75+) 25km
1st  Peter Grandiek   1’06’58

Senior Women  25km
1st Kylie Young   39’12 

Senior Men  40km
1st Tom Scully   55’17
2nd Scott Cunningham  55’20
3rd Rikki Griffin   1’06’46

Southland Road Race Championship – Mabel Bush 26/9/10

Under 13 Girls  20km
1st Madeleine Gough  30’40

Under 13 Boys  20km
1st Hayden Strong   20’54
2nd Tom Sexton   21’13
3rd Caleb Hope   23’33

Under 15 Girls  38.2km
1st Brooke Brazier   1’22’56

Under 15 Boys  38.2km
1st Michael Culling   1’07’02
2nd Nick Kergozou   1’08’36

Under 17 Girls  38.2km
1st Kate Dunlevey   1’11’05
2nd Jennifer Muhl   1’11’07
3rd Georgia Timpany  1’15’41
4th Monikue Raggett  1’24’42

Under 17 Boys  52.4km
1st Matt Zenovich   1’18’37
2nd Tom Beadle   1’20’04
3rd Josh Haggerty   1’30’27
4th Ethan Thwaites   1’30’27

Under 19 Women 76km
1st Kelsey Timpany   2’38’03
DNF Paigan Marshall

Under 19 Men  114km
1st Blake Tait-Jones   3’09’46
2nd Jamie Culling   3’28’05
DNF Logan Havenaar

Masters Women 38.2km
1st Erin Criglington   1’07’39
2nd Shirlene Rollo   1’11’05
3rd Sam Kopae   1’11’17
4th Kylea Gough   1’12’52
5th Marie Muhl   1’20’02

Masters Men (35-44) 76km
1st Jerard Stock   2’09’27
2nd Aaron Sinclair   2’09’30
3rd Derek Tan   2’09’30
4th Andrew Ballantyne  2’09’38
5th Alan Strong   2’10’27
6th Aaron Bleakley   2’10’27

Masters Men (45+) 76km
1st Neil Familton   2’13’38
2nd Dave Beadle   2’13’40
3rd Dave Watkins   2’13’42
4th Steve Brough   2’16’14
5th Sier Vermunt   2’16’35
6th John Doonan   2’29’36
DNF Wally Kopae, Peter Leighton

Senior Women  76km
1st Kylie Young   2’20’53
DNF Laura Thompson

Senior Men  114km
1st Tom Scully   3’09’40
2nd Scott Cunningham  3’09’40
3rd Adam Stockwell   3’28’05
DNF Matt Dodds, Rikki Griffin, James Fairweather



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