Date: Monday, 12 July 2021

The South Island and North Island School Road Championships took place over the past weekend, and there were some great performances by Southland riders in both events.
Standout performances were delivered by Benson Boys (Limehills School) and Rhylee Akeroyd (James Hargest College), who took out both the road and time trial titles in the U13 boys and U20 girls division respectively at the South Island championships.
There were also podium performances from Marshall Erwood (James Hargest) in the U17 boys division (second in the time trial and third in the road race) and Magnus Jamieson (Southland Boys High School) in the U16 boys division (third in the road race).

A number of Southland riders also took part in the North Island School Road Championships, in readiness for the National School Track Championships which started on Monday in Cambridge.
Finn Edwards claimed fifth in the U15 boys road race, which featured a field of some 60 riders. Poppy McIvor took seventh in a bunch sprint finish for the U14 girls road race, and Oskar McIvor ninth in U13 boys road race.

Full South Island time trial results for Southland riders:
U13B - 1st Benson Boys (Limehills), 13th Cooper Gough (James Hargest)
U15G - 5th Riley Faulkner (James Hargest)
U16B - 4th Magnus Jamieson (Southland Boys), 8th Kayne Borrie (James Hargest), 15th Jack McLeod (James Hargest)
U17B - 2nd Marshall Erwood (James Hargest), 8th Hunter Thompson (James Hargest), 12th Tom Kerr (Verdon), 24th Aubrey Page (Southland Boys)
U17G - 5th Ruby Bath (James Hargest)
U20G - 1st Rhylee Akeroyd (James Hargest), 7th Jaz McLeod (James Hargest)

Fulll South Island road race results for Southland riders:
U13 boys - 1st - Benson Boys (Limehills)
U16 boys - 3rd - Magnus Jamieson (Southland Boys), 4th - Jack McLeod (James Hargest), 7th - Kayne Borrie (James Hargest).
U17 boys - 3rd Marshall Erwood (James Hargest), 8th Hunter Thompson (James Hargest), 9th Tom Kerr (Verdon), 23rd Aubrey Page (Southland Boys)
U17 girls - 4th Ruby Bath (James Hargest)
U20 girls - 1st Rhylee Akeroyd (James Hargest), 5th Jaz McLeod (James Hargest)

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