Date: Monday, 18 March 2013
Posted by: Cycling Southland

SouthPort Crit Race 3_1Chilly conditions may have deterred some riders – or it may have been the two stage race from the day before taking its toll.

Big kudos to those who backed it up!

A-grade was a bit of a non-event numbers wise, only Nick Kergozou and Josh Haggerty fronted up. With that in mind - and to save time - race manager Tony Hammington combined A and B grade with a 30sec head start for Nick and Josh. It didn’t take long before they were all back together. Anton O’Connell broke clear after 10 minutes and was joined by Josh Haggerty, they worked well together whilst the remainder of the group attempted to close them down. With 10 minutes to go it was obvious that the gap wasn’t going to be caught and the race for minor placing’s was on! Josh and Anton won their respective grades by a margin with the others fighting out to the end.

D-grade was also a little light on riders Glen, Jamie and Kate were joined by some junior riders (Sheree and Bronwyn). They had a good race with everyone staying together and fighting it out at the finish.SouthPort Crit Race 3_2

C-grade was missing  a few as well, those who were there kept together throughout the race. Troy Boniface looked strong throughout with Max Anderson and Daryl Haggerty contributing well. Max had some bad luck in the last three laps with puncture, which played into the hands of Craig Sadlier and Wayne McEwen.

Results were:
A-grade: 1st Josh Haggerty 2nd Nick Kergozou
B-grade: 1st Anton O’Connell, 2nd Alistair Burnett, 3rd Josh Van den Arend
C-grade: 1st Troy Boniface, 2nd Daryl Haggerty, 3rd Craig Sadlier
D-grade: 1st Glen Ferguson, 2nd Jamie Wilson, 3rd Kate Wilson

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SouthPort Crit Race 3_3

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