Date: Monday, 01 July 2019

In blustery conditions 52 riders faced the starter’s gun. The 42 senior rides competed over 3 laps of the 14.4km Tisbury circuit and the 11 junior riders competed over 2 laps.

A & B Grade Due to the low numbers in A grade the riders requested to race with B grade. To ensure A grade was set a challenge they were handicapped 2 minutes behind B grade. They accepted the challenge and caught B grade in a lap and a half with the leading bunch contesting a sprint finish which was taken out by Hunter Gough in a time of 1 hr 9mins.

  1. Hunter Gough

  2. Steve Keast

  3. Neil Familton

  4. Ronan Shearing

  5. Dave McCormick

  6. Aaron Sinclair

  7. Pete McKenzie

  8. Red Burnett

C Grade A strong group of C graders set off and rode together for the 3 laps and contested a sprint finish which was taken out by Mathew Dobson in a time of 1 hr 17 mins.

  1. Mathew Dobson

  2. Dave Rodgers

  3. Jason Dobson

  4. Daryl Haggerty

  5. Erin Criglington

  6. Wayne Murchland

  7. Max Anderson

D Grade 5 riders took to the start line for 2 lap race Marshall Erwood riding away from has fellow riders and riding most of the 2 laps in a solo break. Marshall finished in a time of 51 mins

  1. Marshall Erwood

  2. Conrad Clark

  3. Kayne Borrie

E Grade The riders rode a neutral lap following by a racing lap and Jack McLeod won the sprint with a time of 32 mins for the racing lap.

  1. Jack McLeod

  2. George Mason

  3. Hadley Sheehy

The ride of the day was Marshall Erwood who not only rode solo for most of his 2 laps but his time for the 2 laps was only 30 seconds slower the C grade rode their first 2 laps.

Thank you to Talbot Forest Cheese for the sponsorship of the race and for the cheese samples, which the riders took home to sample later.

Report courtesy of David Simpson Race Manager

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