Date: Monday, 31 May 2010
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Mabel Bush Team Race
Result – Report
Something different, something new that is how the first part of the 2010 road program was to finish.

Fifty riders turned out in chilly conditions to compete in four teams in three grades.
It was to be the team with the lowest score that won. It added a new dimension to racing for some people. It wasn’t so much about winning for you but working with your team members to get a better placing.

C Grade one lap riders in the Red team (Jeremy Presbury, Mike Tou, Alistair Burnett and Tim Maynard) worked well together and placed four riders in the first five positions. They thought they set the Red team to take it out but the rest of the team didn’t place so well.

In the B grade (2 lap) race things were equally as tactical, Dave Beadle, Sier Vermunt and Brendan Monaghan attempted to break away many times only to be chased down. It wasn’t until late in the second lap that strongman Andy McIntyre managed to get away with Dave Beadle to gap the peleton he then got clear of a tiring Beadle to win.

A small group of A grade riders went out fast, this took its toll on the first lap with some riders pulling out. Once again it was the power houses (Shane Fletcher, Blake Tait-Jones, Andrew Lienert, Eddie Dawkins) who did a lot of work to get away.
Dawkins proved he could climb hills as well as sprint and broke away on the hills only to sit up soon after. The second lap was much the same action with riders trying their best to get away. Eddy was showing good form prior to his departure to T-town USA and broke clear to win just in front of a tractor that managed to get itself in front of the peleton in the last 500m before the finish.
 Some excitement for finish line spectators!

C-Grade  1st Mike Tou             5th Tim Maynard   
             2nd Jeremy Presbury  6th Liam Haggerty
             3rd Alistair Burnett     7th John Kissell
             4th Garry Perkins       8th Paigan Marshall

B- Grade 1st Andy McIntyre     5th Matt Dodds 
             2nd Dave Beadle       6th Paddy Daly
             3rd Bruce Jones        7th Derek Tan
             4th Grant Colbran      8th Josh Haggerty

A-Grade  1st Eddie Dawkins     5th Jamie Culling
             2nd Andrew Lienert    6th Neil Familton
             3rd Garth Cooper      7th Chris Sexton
             4th Blake Tait-Jones  8th Shane Fletcher

Winning team was the White Team: 
Dave Watkins             John Kissell
Garth Cooper              Kerry Cox
Jordan Copeland         Gary Perkins
Grant Colbran             Amy Marshall
Josh Haggerty            Tony Raggett
Paigan Marshall

2nd Red Team
3rd Green Team 
4th Blue Team

Enjoy the rest and I’ll see you all at the next road race 31st July.
Don’t forget track roll Saturdays 2pm – 4pm.
Keep an eye out for bunch rides during the break on the website.

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