Date: Monday, 13 July 2015
Posted by: Cycling Southland

The sun kept shining as 2 Divisions split in 4 teams set off on their 48km journey at Waianiwa. Division one took off like rockets and maintained a fast pace throughout the whole race. Brendan Akeroyd was the most aggressive and was chased down by Geoff van Dam.

The juniors chased down anyone who was trying to get some distance even their own team mates. The Red team was reported to work together the most. The pace proved too fast for Derek Tran, David McCormick, Aaron Sinclair, Andrew Lienert and Sam Miller who were left to battle to the finish line alone.

One minute later Division 2 set off at a rather casual pace – 26kph – and were working together nicely. Wally Kopae made a couple breakaways but was chased down by Nepia Ruwhiu. New comer Ben Worker showed us what he was made of and broke away for majority of the race only being caught at the bowls club. The pace quickened to try and catch him, proving too fast for Kate Wilson, Makayla Smith and Nepia Ruwhiu. The Green team was reported to work together the most.

After calculating all the points for each team the Blue Team were the victors on 60 Points.

Blue Team (60 Points): Garry Smith, Corbin Strong, Andrew Lienert, Aaron Sinclair, David McCormick, Wally Kopae, Mark Day, Alan Strong, Mark Maynard.

Red Team (65 Points): Tom Sexton, Jeff Rooney, Tony Hammington, Geoff van Dam, Tim Maynard, Craig Sadlier, Kate Wilson, Wayne Murchland.

Green Team (69 Points): Mike White, Ray Robinson, Bruce Jones, Daryl Haggerty, Max Anderson, Sam Kopae, Shirlene Rollo, Nepia Ruwhiu.

Yellow Team (79 Points): Brendan Akeroyd, Sam Miller, Derek Tan, Neil Familton, Matt Nunn, Makayla Smith, Allan Milne, Ben Worker.

Time Trial Results – Waianiwa

1st – Brendan Akeroyd 21.58

2nd – Tom Sexton 22.28

3rd – Neil Familton 23.15

4th – Andrew Lienert 23.16

5th – Mike White 23.27

6th – Derek Tan 23.31

7th – Jeff Rooney 24.17

8th – Sam Miller 24.45

9th – Kylie Young 25.17

10th – Ben Worker 25.26

11th – Gabby Vermunt 25.30

12th – Tony Hammington 26.14

13th – Mark Day 26.15

14th – Gary Smith 26.18

15th – Tim Maynard 27.0

16th – Wally Kopae 27.08

17th – Craig Sadlier 27.36

18th – Max Anderson 27.51

19th – Sam Kopae 29.11

20th – Shirlene Rollo 29.55

21st – Makayla Smith 31.40


22nd – Kate Wilson 32.12

Thanks to all our marshals and rider for a great day out. See you next week for the Donovan Park Points Race.

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