Date: Monday, 12 August 2019

Cold conditions proved to be the bearer of bad news for some riders with other riders thriving in it.  A Grade started of with a hiss and a roar and on return to the finish line they had split up.

Josh Haggerty came over the finish line 1st, followed closely by Mitchel Fitzsimons and Fraser Hewett. B Grade had split up earlier on in the race into a group of eight with Aaron Fitzsimons stepping up into the grade pulling some very strong laps. Brendan Akeroyd finally won the battle with Neil Familton and Aaron Sinclair on his tail.

C Grade made it to the finish line in a sprint finish  between Brad Harris and Ray Robinson, with the young buck having too much power for the more senior rider, Andrew Holden made it into 3rd possy.

D grade battled with the cold and windy conditions with Tom Kerr giving it his all and leading on the last lap, somewhere around the lap Marshall Erwood passed in coming in for 1st place followed closely by Tom, then Hunter Thompson taking 3rd place. E grade was won by Jake Fitzsimons who didn't  want to get chicked by Kate Russell.

Well done to all riders, it was tough out in those conditions, just a few words of wisdom to the junior riders, make sure you dress appropriately for the conditions, bibs and short sleeved jerseys just don't cut the mustard for Saturday's conditions, thermals, arm warmers, leg warmers should be a priority.

Another warning to all riders that crossing the centre line and motorpacing is not acceptable, and sanctions will be put in place if caught doing so.

Report courtesy of Race Manager Tracey Miller

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