Date: Wednesday, 02 July 2014
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Hamish Beadle Novo NordiskGreetings from the other side of the world sports fans. After over a day travelling we stepped off the plane in Atlanta (USA's biggest airport for you trivia nuts) to be nearly knocked back by an intense wall of heat. Proceeding to get our bags we tut-tuted as a lot of large Americans jumped on this cool wee underground train thingee and boldly strode toward our baggage pickup. After a kilometre of strolling we to jumped on the cool wee underground thingee and located our bags.

Another train ride later and we were at our rental car pick up where Kateria not only told us where we could get the best wings in Georgia she gave us a deal to good to turn down on one barely used Dodge Challenger (think Transformers and eat your heart out Cruxton). Five minutes later in six lanes of traffic and the wrong side of the road I was questioning my decision. Hamish didn't say a word although he did leave indentations from his fingers on the dashboard.Hamish Novo Nordisk1

Everything is big over here, the place, the cars, the freeways, the people and the meals. Anyway had a few nights in Suwanee, caught a Gwinnett Braves game (magic) then jumped on I 85 to Athens Georgia. Beautiful downtown here with a lovely campus in which we are currently domiciled. The University Football Stadium has to be seen to be believed it seats just on 100,000.

Despite what you may have thought the people have been amazingly friendly, love our accents and are really interested in our country.

Hamish Novo Nordisk 2Today Hamish had his first ride with the team. They are a real cosmopolitan bunch with all shapes and sizes from all corners of the world. Temperature for the ride was 35 degrees with it climbing this afternoon. They completed a 20 mile warmup an 8 mile hilly TT (not Normy's specialty) then did some TTT work. The team is really well organised and very professional with and ex-Russian Olympic coach as the head honcho.

Well we're off to the food hall so See Ya'll later from Georgia

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Dave and Hamish Hamish Novo Nordisk3

Hamish Novo Nordisk 4

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