Date: Monday, 17 May 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Training Tips for Riders in Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit.

The following are some simple training tips to assist you and your achieving the best outcome at the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit Event to be held on the 27th June at the ILT Velodrome.

On the Track

Clothing - Wear fitting shorts and or leg warmers. A fitting top. Gym shoes and bring a helmet that fits well. Be sure you know how to wear your helmet correctly.

Drink - You should bring your own drink bottle with water or an electrolyte/ sugar solution. Powerade, Gatorade, Leppin energy booster or the like.

Eat - Try to have eaten some high energy food with some protein(meat- Fish Chicken, red meat) in the form of Rice, pasta, wholemeal bread, potatoes, or the like some 2hrs prior to riding i.e. avoid eating a large amount just prior to your training session.  Have some lollies to eat after your training session

Choose a bike that will fit your overall dimensions. Your coach should advise you on this. Have your bike seat height checked and that your tyres are pumped up to the correct tyre pressure.

Warm up by riding on the grey zone and progress to the blue zone before going onto the track on the back straight. If you are leaving the track exit on the front straight and move over toward the inside of the track. i.e. near the netting.

Remember you will be riding a fixed wheel bike and that your legs will continue to go around when you have stopped applying pressure. You will need to relax and wait for the bike to eventually slow down. Slight pressure one the pedals will act like a brake and will assist in slowing more quickly- not so good if you have any knee problems.
Once on the track keep a steady line parallel to the marked lines so as riders who are overtaking can do so knowing that you are going to stay on the line to which you have committed. Look 20-30 meters directly along the riding line you to which you have committed.

Try riding at a higher intensity each fourth or fifth lap. This will improve your overall fitness and speed more than keeping at the same intensity throughout the session.

If you are in a line of riders look forward of the front wheel of the rider your are following. This will ensure you are able to anticipate any slowing in the pace line and adjust the pressure on your pedals.
As you enter and exit the corners you will need to apply more force to the pedal to maintain your speed  around the corners and through the straights.

Training off the track

If you own a road or Mountain bike you should try to get out on this 2-3x during the week. Ride for half an hour at least. Once warmed up about 10minutes into you ride put the front gear so as the chain is on the smallest chainring and the back gear into a sprocket that requires you to spin your legs quickly. If you find you are bouncing in your seat you need to put the back gear into a smaller sprocket. As you practice this more you will be able to spin faster without bouncing. Spin like this for about 1-2 minutes and then ride at a lower spin rate(cadence)and recover for about 5minutes. Repeat this up to five times. As you improve you will be able to spin for longer and do more repeats.

As everyone in the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit are riding the same gearing the team that is able to spin the fastest has the best opportunity to win.

The old adage “Spin to Win” is no more evident than in this event.

For beginner riders there is TRACK START from 5.30-6.30pm on Tuesdays and for intermediate riders there are the PUBLIC LUNCHTIME ROLLS  12-1pm Tuesday and Friday.

For other track time call Cycling Southland on  03 2173215 or see our website

The most important part of training is to remember to have fun and become fit at the same time. Ride with your family or friends and watch how quickly you improve. Your health will be better for it.

See you on the track or on the tarmac.

The team at Cycling Southland.

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