Date: Monday, 27 November 2017

Where has the time gone? Another block of road racing finished this week with a nice 70km hit out in lovely sunny conditions over a course which provided a bit everything for all.

Numbers were not as big as we’ve seen in the past but the quality was just as good.
Five groups set off spread out over a 19min gap each hoping to chase down or hold off the other groups.

Nothing out o the ordinary happened in the first 20km with everyone doing their job to contribute, only Josh Miller falling victim to another mechanical failure.

As predicted the gaps had closed with the middle groups coming together just before 1/2 way.
Working hard in there was Steve Keast and Andrew Lienert who had the bit between their teeth and sights on staying away from scratch riders who lost Sam Miler to the heat near Mosburn. Sam was not the only one to fall short in the sun with youngster Mitchel Fitzsimons suffering as well.

Out front, Antony Hogan, Wayne Murchland, Aaron Fitzsimons, Gordon Ashton and Nicola Stevens on limit were doing their very best to stay away from the chasers.

At the 20km to go it was all over as the mid markers passed and pushed on the the hill. Out behind Scratch group we’re making ground but not fast enough for the fast moving mid group. Over the top of a nice Climb their was a nice reprieve as they rocketed down the other side at speeds of 80kph plus. 10km to go with Scratch bunch still 2 1/2 minutes down it was obvious the winner was going to be in this mid group.

On to the flat and 8km to go it was up to Alistair Burnett, Jamie Wilson, Andrew Lienert, Neil Familton, Steve Keast, Hayden Rankin, Neil Cleghorn and Wayne (burnt my hand) Miller to fight it out.
Turning into the sprint it sure was a survival of the fittest with a well deserved winner.

Well done to all riders for a good race.
Special thanks to our sponsor TRANSPORT ENGINEERING SERVICES

1st Steve Keast 1hr 50min 16sec
2nd Wayne Miller (same time)
3rd Andrew Lienert (same time)

Fastest time: Robert Huisman 1hr 44min 30sec

Report courtesy Race Manager Waine Harding

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