Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Another awesome night of racing under the belt for the Southland crew! Thank you to Glen Thomson for helping out with the evening.  Stand out riders were Kristoff Ford and Josh Haggerty in A Grade – of course not forgetting Nick Kergozou who is mixing it up with these boys and is still an U17!  Impressive!

In B Grade Liam Haggerty and Josh van den Arend were outstanding, but equally as impressive was Libby Bayne.  Jen Muhl, Neil Familton and Bruce Jones also rode consistently well across all the events in this grade.

In C Grade it looked like Tony Shaw was finding his legs, and Kylea Gough also laying down the gauntlet in the week before Nationals.  Marie Muhl also put in some gutsy rides across all evening’s events.  Well done guys – last night of racing before Nationals starts … I can’t wait to see you all carving it up next week!

Race 1  - Scratch Race
A Grade – 10 Laps
1 Kristoff Ford
2 Matt Dodds
3 Mike White

B Grade – 10 Laps
1 Liam Haggerty
2 Ant Leathart
3 Jen Muhl

C Grade – 8 Laps
1 Kylea Gough
2 Tony Shaw
3 Marie Muhl

Race 2  - Sprinters - Keirin
1 Josh van den Arend
2 Liam Haggerty
3 Libby Bayne

1 Kristoff Ford
2 Josh Haggerty
3 Hardy Michel

Masters A
1 Mike White
2 Neil Familton
3 Matt Dodds

Masters B
1 Gerald Patterson
2 Tony Shaw
3 Matt Dodds

Race 3  - Super Sprint
A Grade
1 Josh Haggerty
2 Paddy Daly
3 Hardy Michel

B & C Grade
1 Neil Familton
2 Bruce Jones
3 Jen Muhl

Race 4 - Team Sprint
Libby Bayne and Laura Heywood – 40.21
Georgia Timpany and Jen Muhl – 40.89
Liam Haggerty, Josh van den Arend and Nick Kergozou – 54.04
Matt Zenovich, Paddy Daly and Kristoff Ford – 51.88

Race 5 - Motorpace Scratch Race
A Grade – 15 Laps
1 Josh Haggerty
2 Kristoff Ford
3 Nick Kergozou

B Grade – 15 laps
1 Grant Toomey
2 Bruce Jones
3 Neil Jamieson

C Grade – 12 Laps
1 Kylea Gough
2 Marie Muhl
3 Tony Shaw


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