Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland


Junior Racing

There were great numbers across all grades again in Junior Racing and some really fantastic riding.  The A Grade racing was incredibly close which made for some exciting racing, and the huge B Grade boys field made for some excellent racing.  The improvement of all riders in the B Grade girls field is astonishing (thanks to Dave Beadle!) and we are all very excited about Southland Champs and Nationals – great stuff girls!

In the C Grade, again, some great racing across the board – awesome!

We are really impressed with the effort, attitude of all Junior riders – keep up the great work everyone and come and learn even more at the Junior Track Camp on November 17 and 18!

Scratch Race
A Grade  – 8 Laps
1 Hayden Strong
2 Tom Sexton
3 Brayden Stephens

B Grade – Boys – 6 Laps
1 Jack Pedlar
2 Kain Bowles
3 Will Sutherland

B Grade  – Girls – 5 Laps
1 Emma Cumming
2 Lucy Timpany
3 Makayla Smith

C Grade
1 Taz O’Connell
2 Josh Miller
3 Maddy Gough

A Grade
1 Hamish Beadle
2 Hayden Strong
3 Anton O’Connell

B Grade - Boys
1 Caleb Hope
2 Will Sutherland
3 Corbin Strong

B Grade – Girls
1 Makayla Smith
2 Kate Wilson
3 Lucy Timpany

C Grade
1 Josh Miller
2 Taz O’Connell
3 Maddy Gough 

Senior Racing

It was another good night of Senior Racing with a mixture of races, including a Sprinter Series containing 3 x 4 lap scratch races, which was something a bit different and made for some interesting spectating. Big ups to all the riders who lined up for the endurance races as well as the Sprint Series –  nice! Steph McKenzie took the Women’s Sprint Series and Karl Watson the Men’s.  Some great racing across the board.  Thanks to Caleb Hope and Stu MacDonald for helping out with the night.

Scratch Race
B and C Grade – 12 Laps
1 Gerald Paterson
2 Josh van den Arend
3 Grant Toomey

A Grade – 12 Laps
1 Matt Dodds
2 Josh Haggerty
3 Tom Beadle

4 Lap Scratch No. # 1
1 Tom Beadle
2 Karl Watson
3 Josh Haggerty

1 Katie Schofield
2 Kate Dunlevey
3 Steph McKenzie

Points Race
B and C Grade – 30 Laps
1 Josh Van den Arend
2 Anton O’Connell
3 Joe Archer

A Grade – 30 Laps
1 Jeremy Presbury 7pts
2 Andrew Lienert 6pts
3 Neil Familton 3pts

4 Lap Scratch No. # 2
1 Tom Beadle
2 Matt Dodds
3 Karl Watson

1 Steph McKenzie
2 Katie Schofield
3 Kate Dunlevey

Motor-paced Scratch Race
1 Josh Haggerty
2 Nick Kergozou
3 Andrew Lienert

4 Lap Scratch No. # 3
1 Karl Watson
2 Matt Dodds
3 Josh Haggerty

1 Steph McKenzie
2 Katie Schofield
3 Kate Dunlevey



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