Date: Wednesday, 05 December 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Junior Racing

With riders pumped and primed for Southland Champs this weekend, it was time to step back and look at the MASSIVE strides of improvement everyone has made over the track season so far.  We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone duking it out this weekend and the continued build up to Nationals where it will be time to lay it down for Southland!

Stand out riders at Tuesday racing this week were Lucy Dawkes, Jack Pedler, Bradly Knipe and Kain Bowles.

Good work team, we will see you all on Friday!

Junior Results
C Grade Scratch
1 Lucy Dawkes
2 Josh Miller
3 Hunter Gough

B Grade Scratch
1 Bradly Knipe
2 Jack Pedler
3 Will Sutherland

A Grade Scratch
1 Josh van den Arend
2 Kain Bowles
3 Baryden Stephens

C Grade Points
1 Lucy Dawkes – 6 Points
2 Jordyn Whyte – 5 Points
3 Josh Miller – 5 Points

B Grade Points
1 Jack Pedler – 8 Points
2 = Matt Nunn and Bradly Knipe – 5 Points
3 Will Sutherland – 4 Points

A Grade Points
1 Hamish Beadle – 8 Points
2 Tom Sexton  - 7 Points
3 Anton O’Connell – 7 Points

C Grade Super Sprint
1 Josh Miller
2 Maddy Gough
3 Hunter Gough

B Grade Super Sprint
1 Jack Pedler
2 Will Sutherland
3 Brayden Holland

A Grade Super Sprint
1 Hamish Beadle
2 Kain Bowles
3 Brayden Stephens

Senior Racing

Although numbers were down a little due to the big contingent of riders either just back from Oceania’s, or still travelling home, the fields were still quality and the racing was fast and furious. Great final race night before Southland Champs this weekend!  As Maree commented, there is a good mixture of young and old in all of the fields and it makes for some fantastic racing.

Great to see Jen Muhl back in action and riding strongly after spending a lot of time and energy rehabbing her knee back to strength after a nasty crash several months ago (an on-going process).  Also good to see the continued improvement of Kirstie James,  Libby pulling out her lightening sprint, and Marie Muhl more than holding her own against the youngsters. One of my favourite parts of the night, was seeing some of the old (young) stars back in the game, Jerry Stock, Paddy Daly and Dillon Bennet and Matt Zenovich – all looking at home back on the track and racing strongly.

The prize for the stand out riders of the night, however, would have to go to both Grant Toomey and Tom Beadle. 

It was GREAT to be back at racing after the Oceania trip, even though I was bleary eyed (my sincere apologies to Andy McIntyre for pulling him out of the elimination race on a non-elimination lap!)  ... yep, it is great to be back and to still be thinking that SOUTHLAND ROCKS!

Finally, big thank you to Sonya Barton and Maree Wilkins for helping out – hugely appreciated as always!

Senior Results
C Grade Scratch Race -8 Laps
1 Jen Muhl
2 Kirstie James
3 Libby Bayne

B Grade Scratch Race – 12 Laps
1 Jerry Stock
2 Grant Toomey
3 Anton O’Connell

A Grade Scratch Race – 12 Laps
1 Tom Beadle
2 Matt Zenovich
3 Dillon Bennett

C Grade Point-a-Lap
1 Kirstie James
2 Jen Muhl
3 Marie Muhl

B Grade Point-a-Lap
1  Paddy Daly
2 Anton O’Connell
3 Vaughn Edie

A Grade Point-a-Lap
1 Dillon Bennett
2 Mike White
2 Matt Zenovich

B & C Grade Super Sprint
1 Jerry Stock
2 Vaughn Edie
3 Derek Tan

A Grade Super Sprint
1 Tom Beadle
2 Dillon Bennett
3 Matt Zenovich

C & B Grade Mystery Preme Scratch
1 Grant Toomey
2 Erin Criglington
3 Jerry Stock

Mystery Preme Winner – Derek Tan

A Grade Mystery Preme Scratch Race
1 Mike White
2 Ant Leathart
3 Dillon Bennett

Mystery Preme Winner – Andrew Lienert


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