Date: Wednesday, 03 October 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Another great night of track racing under the belt, with loads of fun had by all.  Except maybe Doddzy who sacrificed some bark in a spectacular fall, worthy of a mention (he is fine, don’t worry!).

Cam Karwowski rode exceptionally well for a clean sweep of the A Grade races, showing some good form heading into the Cali World Cup, for which he leaves this Friday.  Good luck Cam!!

Andrew Lienert also rode well in A Grade and it was great to have Chad Elliston down from Auckland, showing some good form ahead of the Yunca Tour and the Track Carnival.

In B Grade Ant Leathart continued his consistent showing this season, with Sequoia coming into some good form too.

Big thanks to Maree Wilkins and Tony Shaw for helping out.

Please note there will be no racing next week due to the Track Carnival next Tuesday and Wednesday following the Yunca Tour.  However, instead of racing, we would love to have you down helping at the Carnival! Drop me a line at if you are able to lend a hand at this super fun event.


Race 1 – Scratch Race – 12 Laps
B Grade
1                     Ant Leathart
2                     Joe Archer
3                     Sequoia Cooper

A Grade
1                     Cam Karwowski
2                     Chad Elliston
3                     Tom Beadle

Race 2 – Team Sprint 
1                     Jeremy Presbury, Tom Beadle, Chad Elliston – 49.86
2                     Karl Watson, Matt Dodds, Cam Karwowski – 50.56
3                     Brett Harris, Andrew Lienert, Scott Milne – 55.38
4                     Anton O’Connell, Joe Archer, Josh van den Arend – 55.49
5                     Tim Maynard, Grant Toomey, Ant Leathart – 56.91
6                     Amy Burns, Steph McKenzie, Sequoia Cooper – 57.61
7                     Neil Jamieson, Andy McIntyre, Brendan Akeroyd – 58.07

Race 3 – Points Race
B Grade
1                     Nick Kergozou 16
2                     Ant Leathart 10
3                     Sequoia Cooper 6

A Grade
1                     Cam Karwowski 13
2                     Chad Elliston 11
3                     Andrew Lienert 5

Race 4  - Match Sprints
Race 1
1                     Stephie McKenzie
2                     Nick Kergozou

Race 2
1               Chad Elliston
2               Jem Presbury

Race 3
1                     Karl Watson
2                     Scott Milne

Race 4
1                     Karl Watson
2                     Steph McKenzie 

Race 5 – Mystery Preme Scratch Race
B Grade – 18 Laps
1                     Brett Harris
2                     Ant Leathart
3                     Brendan Akeroyd
Mystery Preme Winner:  Josh van den Arend

A Grade – 20 Laps
1                     Cam Karwowski
2                     Chad Elliston
3                     Matt Dodds
Mystery Preme Winner:  Cam Karwowski

Race 6 – Combined Motor-Paced Scratch Race
1                     Cam Karwowski
2                     Andrew Lienert
3                     Chad Elliston


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