Date: Wednesday, 24 October 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland

What a night of racing - both the junior and senior divisions dished it up for an awsome night's action.

Junior Report

Some great Junior performances last night ... Big thanks to Dave Beadle for helping out, and also to Kylie Gough, Hunter Gough, Alan Strong, Jo Stephens and all the other helpful troops. It is fantastic to see some really outstanding form from Lucy Dawkes and Emily Paterson in the C Grade – great for Maddy to have some girls for company! Josh Miller and Jordyn Whyte were also dishing it up in the C Grade ... some excellent racing!

In the B Grade, Jack Pedlar, Will Sutherland and Caleb Hope were standouts, with the girls keeping the boys honest ... great stuff!  In A grade, it was awesome to see Brayden Stephens coming into form with a win in the Points Race, with good consistent performances from Hamish Beadle, Tom Sexton, Josh van den Arend, Anton O’Connell and Hayden Strong.  The racing was fantastic to watch - keep up the good work team!

Junior Results
C Grade – 4 Lap Scratch Race
1 Maddy Gough
2 Emily Paterson
3 Josh Miller
4 Lucy Dawkes

B Grade – 6 Lap Scratch Race
1 Jack Pedlar
2 Will Sutherland
3 Bradley Knipe
4 Lucy Timpany

A Grade – 8 Lap Scratch  Race
1 Josh van den Arend
2 Tom Sexton
3 Hamish Beadle
4 Anton O’Connell

C Grade Points Race – 9 Laps
1 Josh Miller 15 Points
2 Jordyn Whyte 6 Points
3 Lucy Dawkes 4 Points
5 Maddy Gough 4 Points

B Grade Points Race
1 Will Sutherland 8 Points
2 Jack Pedlar 8 Points
3 Caleb Hope 5 Points
4 Lucy Timpany 5 Points

A Grade Points Race
1 Brayden Stephens 8 Points
2 Hamish Beadle 5 Points
3 Tom Sexton 5 Points
4 Anton O’Connell 5 Points

C Grade Elimination
1 Josh Miller
2 Emily Paterson
3 Maddy Gough
4 Jordyn Whyte

B Grade Elimination
1 Caleb Hope
2 Will Sutherland
3 Jack Pedlar
4 Sheree Horne

A Grade Elimination
1 Anton O’Connell
2 Tom Sexton
3 Brayden Stephens
4 Hayden Strong

Senior Report
A great couple of hours of racing with really strong fields in both A Grade and B Grade ... we just need some C Graders to start turning up so we can also have a strong C Grade field too – c’mon guys, razzle each other up and come down!

It was a really fun night of racing, and I particularly enjoyed the Keirins and Team Sprints – there were some really stand out performances, particularly from Matt Archibald and Nick Kergozou in the Keirins and some great team sprint rides across the board.  Anton O’Connell was on fire again in B Grade, and Ant Leathart was also his consistent self ... must just about be time to go up to A Grade for these guys!

Big thanks to Maree Wilkins for helping out (as she always does!) and to Stu MacDonald, Mike Cooper and Ross Machejefski, as well as Caleb Hope. Hugely appreciated, cheers team!

Just to confirm, we will have racing next week, despite the Tour of Southland.

Senior Results
Scratch Race
B & C Grade – 12 Laps
1 Neil Familton
2 Ant Leathart
3 Sequoia Cooper

A Grade – 14 Laps
1 Tom Beadle
2 Mike White
3 Matt Dodds

Race 1
1 Anton O’Connell
2 Josh van den Arend
3 Aimee Burns

Race 2
1 Ant Leathart
2 Wally Kopae
3 Brendan Akeroyd

Race 3
1 Nick Kergozou
2 Scott Milne
3 Mike White

Race 4
1 Matt Archibald
2 Tom Beadle
3 Matt Dodds

B & C Grade – 10 Laps
1 Anton O’Connell 4 Point
2 Sequoia Cooper 2 Point
3 Derek Tan 1 Point

A Grade – 10 Laps
1 Nick Kergozou 3 Points
2 Angus Swartz 2 Points
3 Andrew Lienert 2 Points

Team Sprint
Karl Watson, Tom Beadle, Matt Dodds – 50.90
Katie Schofield, Steph McKenzie, Jem Presbury – 52.53
Neil Familton, Andrew Lienert, Scott Milne – 54.34
Wally Kopae, Gerald Paterson, Tim Maynard – 56.01
Laura Heywood, Josh van den Arend, Anton O’Connell – 56.87
Neil Jamieson, Brendan Akeroyd, Ant Leathart – 57.06
Libby Bayne, Sonya Barton – 43.93

Motor Paced Scratch Race
B & C Grade
1 Ant Leathart
2 Derek Tan
3 Tim Maynard

A Grade
1 Jem Presbury
2 Mike White
3 Andrew Lienert



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