Date: Saturday, 13 November 2010
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Waianiwa Points Race 12th Nov


It was a warm and sunny day for the running of the Waianiwa circuit points race on Saturday. There were 43 riders registered to compete in the six lap event.


Sprint points were up for the taking in the three divisions for each 8.7km lap and double points for the last one.

Warm conditions took there toll on many riders with half the A-grade riders withdrawing, Dillon Bennett was the first casualty after winning the first two sprints.

Hamish Tomlinson and Brehan Cairns rode well to fight out the remaining points with both ending up with the same points. It was Hamish’s win in the last sprint that earned him the win.

B-grade was more evenly fought out, only three riders withdrew so it was up to the remaining ten. Steve Brough was still in good form after some excellent results recently and he had the better results over young rider Ben McCoy and not so young rider Ray Robinson.

C-grade was once again the biggest field with 25 riders, who managed to stay together for the majority of the race. Points were shared fairly evenly between Alaister Burnett, Bernie Bell and Ant Leathart.

It was a day for the sprinters, they appeared to benefit from the shorter circuit and fast sprints. 

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with marshalling and judging.


A Grade

1  Hamish Tomlinson

2 Brehan Cairns

3 Shane Fletcher

4 James Canny

5 Derek Tan

6 Jamie Culling

B Grade

1 Steve Brough

2 Ray Robinson

3 Gabby Vermunt

4 Ben McCoy

5 Dave Beadle

6 Mike Tou

7 Andrew Lienert

C Grade

1 Ant Leathart

2. Alaister Burnett

3 Bernie Bell

4 Mark Day

5 Tony McAra

6 Tim Maynard

7 Dave Simpson


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