Date: Wednesday, 07 February 2018

A new year and a new start to our road racing season, what better way to start with a handicap race! Great way to see who’s been on the bike during the holiday break.

A nice sized field of 47 senior riders and a sprinkling of junior U15 & U13 juniors easy work for the handicapper! Well normally would be if it was after a few races, it was bit of a guessing game. Sure there’s all the sums and calculations that work when you know the riders form.

Seven groups of riders spread out over 18min should have been perfect for all to come sprinting for the finish line together! But not all is as it should be when it’sroad racing early in the season.

A lot of last minute changes for the extra riders showing up on the day meant that riders may have been riding in their wrong groups. Early pace after the start proved that with a number of them finding it too tough and dropping off the pace. Then there were the riders who didn’t listen at the race briefing and missed vital turns and disappeared into the wilderness to be chased down and put back on course.

At the half way mark the middle groups had joined together and had their sights on 2nd limit. Behind them break and 2nd break joined up at the 25km mark. Turning at the 15km to go majority of the field was within 6min of the front who was still the limit group (Wayne M, Alaister G, Max A, Jim P) they worked well together after losing two riders (Natalie and Tyla).

One minute behind them at the 12km to go,  2nd limit were trying their best to close the gap and another minute behind them the two middle bunches driven by Steve Keast and Steve Wilson along with Wayne Miller and Andrew Holden. Not far behind them was the two break groups that was made up mostly of U17 riders, strong showing from them in particular Lachie Baird, Navarh Brotherston, Josh Miller and Hunter Gough old hands Neil Familton and Derek Tan showing them what’s needed to catch groups in front.

Last 8km over rolling ground with a tail wind it was going to be close! Each bunch doing their best to chase down the front who weren’t looking back.

1km to go it was going to be a limit group win with a nice wee sprint with Max Anderson taking out the win over Alaister Green 2nd and Wayne Murchland 3rd Jim Phair rolled over for 4th then in a big group (rest of the field) sprint Aaron Sinclair took out 5th. Fastest time on the day was Hamish Keast 1:06:05 over Matt Zenovich.

A good day out and great start to an exciting season, riders don’t forget to register early and bring your race numbers.

Thanks to the marshall’s, parents and Lindsay Jones who without you our racing wouldn’t happen.

Report courtesy of super manager Waine Harding




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