Date: Monday, 21 July 2014
Posted by: Cycling Southland
Very icy conditions didn't deter a good crowd turning out to take on the two race day events at Waianiwa on Saturday - big thanks to Bruce Jones, Waine Harding and our marshalls and supporters Crigs, Nic Stevens, Sier Vermunt, Dave Simpson, Lindsay Jones and all the other happy helpers who make these race days a success!
Waianiwa Time Trial Results
Junior 2 & 3 Actual Time Place
Oliver Prince 21:28 4th
Matt Prince 17.12 1st
Lucy Pierce 20:43 2nd
Madi Gough 21:07 3rd

C Grade Actual Time Place
Ian Ballam 38:22:00 ...
Shirlene Rollo DNF
Sam Kopae 36:21:00 2nd
Max Anderson 36:52:00 3rd
Mark Day 34:02:00 1st

B Grade Actual Time Place
Jamie Wilson 36:54:00
Frances Smith 40:10:00
Makayla Smith 35:41:00
Matt Nunn 35:02:00
Wally Kopae 35:12:00
Will Sutherland 33:13:00 3rd
Tim Maynard 33:53:00
Jeff Rooney 32:34:00 1st
Sam Miller 33:04:00 2nd
Aaron Sinclair 33:35:00
A Grade Actual Time Place
Blake Tait-Jones 34:19:00
Kylie Young 36:23:00
Gabby Vermunt 31:28:00 1st
Laura Fairweather DNF
Andrew Lienert 32:31:00
Derek Tan 32:25:00 3rd
Josh van den Arend 34:17:00
David McCormack 34:45:00
Tom Sexton 32:18:00 2nd
Senior Club Waianiwa Road Race 
Individual Time Trial
Junior Grade
M. Prince 1, L. Pierce 2, M. Gough 3
M.Day 1, S. Kopae 2, M. Anderson 3
J. Rooney 1, S. Miller 2, W. Sutherland 3
G. Vermunt 1, T. Sexton 2, D. Tan 3

Greenroofs Tavern 47km Road Race
J. Haggerty 1, J. Van den Arend 2, H. Strong 3

Team Event
1st Team Blue, A. Strong, C. Strong, J. Haggerty, J Van den Arend, M. Anderson, S. Rollo, W. Sutherland.
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