Date: Monday, 19 August 2013
Posted by: Cycling Southland

Time Trial time again! 

Conditions weren’t the best for time trialling, the appealing thing about today’s ride was the tailwind and downhill finish! It was a well organised group this week no one was late to their start. Training must be working for those who are actually training. There was a good mix of junior and senior riders taking the honours. Top effort by our ladies who placed well, Gabby Vermunt looks to be in good form prior to heading off to pilot at a Para World Cup event - best of luck Gabby, as well as Laura Fairweather and Phillipa Gray. View the results in the link below.

Teams Race with a Twist  

A different format this time, another way to make the faster riders work harder. Much like a handicap race the four grades were sent off at different times around the 2 x lap 28km course with 8min separating front to the back. Within each group there were members of each team who wore a coloured sticker to identify their team.

At the completion of the first lap, Division 1 had made up some good ground. The importance wasn’t about winning it was about helping your team mates out. However, that wasn’t the case for the Division 1 lads and Gabby because they just kept going after catching the front riders. Back in the field there were some interesting tactics going on that made for some interesting racing. A downhill- tail wind finish saw riders reaching some high speeds. Our specialist sprinters loved it. Poor juniors on junior gears struggled to match the bigger stronger riders this week.

The sprint was won by Jeff van Dam with Aaron Sinclair 2nd and Tom Sexton 3rd click here to see a full list of results.

Team result was a close one - winners were the Green team with 225 points 2nd was Yellow with 244 points, Red was 3rd on 246 points and Blue last with 320 points. Another fun event I think, let’s see what I can come up with at the next team race.

Riverton Handicap Race 60km next week remember to register early if you are riding.


Report courtesy of super duper race manager Waine Harding

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